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If you dream about something that is empty, it can be a sign that you are feeling sad or depressed. You feel that your life is empty. You may feel isolated or you may no longer find pleasure in everyday things. Emptiness in a dream can symbolize a lack of energy and enthusiasm

Encountering something empty in a dream can mean that you feel that you cannot live up to other people’s expectations – that when people look at you from the outside, they perceive qualities that you do not possess on the inside.  This can be a symptom of depression.

A dream about emptiness can mean that you feel that you have used up all of your emotional or physical resources.  You might dream about emptiness after you have been through a difficult or traumatic situation.

An empty box or an empty room in a dream can mean that you have recently rid yourself of a negative influence in your life, but you haven’t found anything to replace it and are experiencing a feeling of loss.