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  1. (( had this one last night. its kinda broken, but here we go))

    I started the dream walking into a fictional pizza joint. it was well lit, and the interior was new and immaculate. besides me, the only other people there were people behind the counter. this blonde chick gave me a big happy genuine smile. she looked very happy in every way. she welcomed me to the restaurant and asked me a couple questions that i didnt have the answers to, so i went out to find them, now in an optimistic and happy mood.

    somehow i find myself in a small hallway, old and decrepit. paper things pasted to the wall were peeling off and yellow from age. there were few or no doors, and all i knew to do was proceed. eventually i catch up with an old and profoundly important friend of mine, who always interested in my spiritual progress forward into Ascension and im always wishy washy... any how, i started seeing piles of salt, small, only about a handfuls worth. i picked up a pinch with my left hand and put it in a tray (like the ones you see outside of a teachers door for a school where you put papers in for them to get later) these old plastic things were falling apart too. occasionally one of these trays would actually be next to a door on the left. they looked like they wouldnt open unless kicked in. full of papers and peeling paint and old cracked windows occasionally that you couldnt see through. anyways, i passed those by without a thought as to what was behind it and continued on at a casual pace. my friend was happy, then he left. afterwards either i encountered my boyfriend, or his presence followed me for a while. i found it comforting to know he was there. we proceeded in silence. (also take note that the only time i put a pinch of salt in a tray was after turning a corner, where the tray always seemed to be)

    in the end (and im not sure how, maybe i did open a door or something) i found myself back at the pizza place. she welcomed me with another bright smile and asked me the same questions again, and this time i had answers.

    ((im not sure what conversation we had, i dont remember the words. what i want to know is why i had this salt deal going on. i know salt has a huge meaning, but im unsure what this means in this context, or what answers i had, or why this chick was so happy. i remember that place in great detail! any impute would be helpful and appreciated. if nothing else, i hope this amuses you to some degree!!))
  2. I started dreaming just on the edge of my dream-space. The large expanse was white until there was a sudden defined image of an individual motel room. It was very detailed and, against the white background, seemed very bright and real. Inside was everything you would expect to see in a motel room with two beds in it. Joe and I were chatting casually. I remembered something dale had told me about turning a coffee pot into a time bomb, a method some thieves have used to cover up there acts which would cause the whole house to burn down after they left.
    Well, Joe took that to heart, and in the wee hours of the morning I hear “beep beep beep BOOM”! I died at that moment, seemingly painless. Joe must’ve died too but I didn’t see him. I left the motel room, and saw a defined white shape on the horizon. Having seen nothing else, I headed in that direction.
    When I reached the shape, it turned out to be much bigger than I had at first imagined. It was in the shape of a typical Mall, but it was ten times bigger than any I had ever seen. Though everything was proportioned for people my size, like the door and stairs, the structure was much more massive than necessary, and bigger than anything I've ever seen.
    Finally reaching the front doors, I noticed why it was so big; inside was a massive jungle. Big towering trees reached up to the Mall’s glass ceiling searching for the light that wasn’t there. Inside, the structure was still white, but wherever the plant-life was on the floor, there was thick soil. I could imagine getting hopelessly lost in its depths.
    I entered the building, and was about to reach the jungle, when suddenly I was interrupted by a small pack of wolves. There was the alpha father and his mate, two puppies, and an older sun. The mate approached me.
    “We’ve been expecting you. We are here to help you pass on; you are stuck in limbo, but have no fear.”
    I was reassured by her, and was under instruction for a long time learning about things. While I was there I learned there were poachers from the living realm mining something from the jungle, and I learned quickly to stay away from them and never to approach one of their strange and massive oiling rigs that bobbed up and down high over the canopies.
    Finally it was time for me to move on. The older brother led me up to the second story. We passed many closed, vacant, and nameless stores until we came across a completely blank wall. We had to hurry since we attracted the attention of some poachers. Brother wolf stood up like an anthro and placed his hand on the wall. Pulling back, the wall split open and revealed a glowing yellow room. When we entered he explained the goal.
    “This will be a fight to the death. I enjoyed your company. Do not worry, our battle will not kill us, but it is necessary for the ascension. In order for you to move on, you must slice me through my belly, perfectly in half; you must use what we have taught you, now summon your weapon!” with that said, a sword of light spawned in his hands, and then he charged me. Grimacing, I summoned my weapon and an epic battle ensued in that seemingly small space.
    The commotion of poachers grew louder. First they had been looking for us, but now they knew where we were because the doors remained open for some reason. Out of the corner of my eye I saw several people rush up the stairs and down the path strait to us, they’d be here in a couple seconds. The wolf hesitated from his own fear of the poachers, and then I sliced him through the gut. As he fell in half, an intense gold light showered out. There was no blood, but where one might expect to see his anatomy, a gold field showed instead on the lower and upper halves. “run!” he muttered.
    I was out of the room and dashing away before his body impacted the ground. I ran and dodged strait through the shady men to cause confusion. I leapt from the balcony and disappeared into the jungle, terrified. I was suffering from a big case of buck-fever; my body was quaking from hearing bullets whiz past me. I ran with all my strength but I could hear them following me in the brush. Somehow their numbers seemed to be increasing.
    Impact, a bullet hit me in the shoulder. Painful, I could feel this all as if it were really happening. Turns out, I had been running strait for one of the oiling rigs, at this point there was no escape. Bullets kept coming, the impact kept hurting. Eventually I collapsed right in front of the oiling rig facing up as more bullets shattered my bones. It hurt so much! As people started to crowed around, I blacked out.

    After that, I woke up, remembering this whole strange thing…

    ((this is the oldest of my dreams I have posted))
  3. ((This dream was very recent, I actually just had it last night and it worried me greatly for reasons you readers will soon understand))

    the color scheme for my dream was a little different, and as the dream progressed it continued to change into very purple psychedelic colors. It was a short dream, but I couldn’t wait for it to end. The setting was what my house looks like in reality.

    i headed to bed for that night like any other night. I couldn’t tell any difference, everything seemed fine. As i fell asleep in my dream, i started to feel a falling feeling that I sometimes get when i feel i might leave my body. i always freak out so i would never actually leave my body because i was afraid. This time it thought i would give into it so i could conquer my fears and potentially explore a whole new world. But something went wrong, because I could feel myself become possessed by something else (note that I’ve never been possessed in reality, so I don’t know what it actually feels like). The colors of the world looked very different, and I didn’t have full control of my motor functions. The falling feeling didn’t go away and it intensified.
    It was a battle of wills and I was losing. The harder I fought the more control the demon had. Eventually I started floating off the bed and then got tossed onto the floor. I stood up, but could feel myself rising off the floor. I felt so heavy. Our wills at this point -since I was going into shock- merged and I wasn’t so afraid. I think there was purple mist coming from me. Even though I wasn’t afraid, I was very depressed. The connection I had with the demon did not please me. We communicated , and though I could now move on my own volition, at any time the demon would take over to do as it desired. The falling sensation was still going on at this point, but I think that’s what gave me the ability to move through space.
    Someone entered the room ( I don’t know who, but it was either my sister, boyfriend, mom or best friend, but for some reason I think it was my sister.) I demonstrated how I could now fly and the look on –her?- face turned sour with shock. I told her what happened and she left the room quickly. I sat down on the bed and did nothing; I could feel emotions start to become irrelevant, like a psychopath shut off from emotion. My snake slithered around in his tank…
    ((after this the dream ended, I probably moved on to another dream irrelevant to this one, or I blacked out from my dreaming self. I'm not sure, but this is all I remember))
  4. I was at my house minding my own business. Mom was doing another one of her wild antics she liked to do occasionally even when her workload was already heavy. I bet you could guess, and you’re right; she is raising raptors. Yup, so adorable but eventually the devious trio is going to get out of hand and eat anything that moves. It’s kinda like owning three upright alligators, but these are much more intelligent and potentially blood thirsty.
    As for myself, I didn’t have to worry too much since I helped feed and raise them. But something else was bothering me. My dresser where I kept my books beckoned me. I picked one of the Deen Koontz books I haven’t read yet called Under The Dome. That’s when it dawned on me; a giant dome was about to fall over all the branching streets off of Virgil. The government knew we had raptors and wanted to isolate our area so the raptors would grow up, become restless and eat everyone. They would be an unstoppable force! I had to act quickly before I got trapped. I wouldn’t have minded so much but then CJ and I would be on separate sides of the dome and that just wouldn’t do.
    I prepared myself for war. I would infiltrate the government and stop this madness. After packing I ventured out on foot. Once I got to where I knew the boarder would fall, I turned around to watch with a grim face. I could very well see the faintest transparent mass in the center of our little village began to enlarge. Suddenly it shot down with a wide arc into the ground. I tried to warn those on the inside, but none would hear my plea. I turned my back on the dome and its captors, only to find myself facing three serious looking men.
    “Are you the daughter of Judith Eckhardt?” my only response was a hiss, what the hell did they want? They grinned evilly. Snatching me up and put me under. All my thoughts escaped me.

    Minutes, hours, days, who knows? But later, much later, I awoke to bright lights poking at me and I had to blink. I felt incredibly week and incredibly sick. A scientist came up to me and smiled with a face rife with madness, he was truly insane. Somehow the smile also conveyed a fatherliness and was quite encouraging as well as sympathizing. When he finally spoke through those gasping lips, it was so very quiet.
    “Oh, my darling. You’re awake. Everything is going exactly as planned. You’re now a perfect monster my dear.” So then, I tried to stand up so I could promptly strangle him, but a sharp pain made me crumple a little bit “Very good! Very good. Yes, try to walk.
    Man, I was pissed off. I’m supposed to be some sort of war machine. I looked very masculine and instead of wearing armor, armor protruded from my bones. A mask jutted from my caller bone and floated magically before my face. The sides were open and there were slots to see forward, so vision was not so limited. Coming out of my shoulders on either side was a shoulder guard that followed the length of my arm and came up above my shoulder a little bit to protect my neck. My lower half wasn’t protected nearly as much, probably to improve mobility.
    In a huff I left the room in search for the bastard in charge of all this.
    I came across an innocent enough looking apartment complex, but when I approached it, there were a lot of people. At the bottom of the buildings where it almost looked like a garage, the doors were wide open but made to look like jail cells. There were too many families in a place like this where there was very little room. The adults looked depressed and the children ignorant of the seriousness of the situation, though some picked up on the anxiety of the parents. I was surprised when I bumped into the gramma of the Ryder family that I knew well. She as always looked very presentable and to my shock she recognized me.
    “Wow, Brianna! You’ve changed so much! I’m not sure if I like what you’re doing with yourself, but I will always love you. How are things going at the house?”
    “Umm, well, a giant bubble now encapsulates the whole town-ish thing going on Gary Road so raptors may torment them all. My family should be okay, but I’m not sure about anyone else under the dome. I managed to escape but some people did experiments on me, and now I'm ready to kill someone, so it hasn’t been very good. “ she looked dumbstruck.
    “Well, that sounds just lovely. I'm just glad you’re safe now. “ she gave me a big hug, but I was a lot taller than her now so it was the first awkward hug of my new life.
    “Uh, thanks. Hey, what are you doing here? Is everyone here? What’s this whole deal going on here? Did you move from Johnson Ranch?” she looked very sad.
    “We weren’t able to support our family on our supply of money coming in even with Joe working. We had to move here so we wouldn’t be homeless, but this might be worse than homeless, the conditions here are very strict, there’s a curfew and many families will be packed into these building once its time for the curfew. People will be caught and very roughly handled once curfew has passed. If anyone tries to escape they will be shot on sight. We have contracts to fulfill, even the children even though the workload is considerably less.” With every word she seemed to deflate and the years that had passed for her seemed to weigh her down. She suddenly looked very tired and worried. “I'm too old for this.” Then she looked up at me and cupped my face guard because she couldn’t reach my actual face “But you’re going to stop all this right? You can do it, with this you’re unstoppable, right?” I pulled away from her.
    “It was nice meeting you again gramma, but I have to go. Maybe I can but right now I'm kinda pissed at how everythings going at the moment. “ she nodded, gave me another hug and we parted ways. I started heading in search for the higher up. There were stairs leading to the top stories of the nicer buildings –which all looked flat and fake by the way. All the buildings had this strange façade- which I walked up. On his way down, I passed my teacher from EVIT, Mr. Acosta. I was his favorite student, and somehow he recognized me too. He seemed pretty haggard.

    “Acosta, what the hell are you doing here with the higher-ups?” I was actually quite angry with him working for these people.”
    “I needed to find a job, and these were the only people who would higher someone my age.” This probably shocked me the most. He wasn’t even trying to make a difference, Acosta was just letting all this happen even though it wasn’t something he stood for, and on the contrary, did everything he always despised. If Acosta couldn’t do anything about it, then he wouldn’t be involved at all. He even said he was old and didn’t need more money. Why is here when he could be at home taking care of his wife? Unless there is no more wife to take care of.

    My reunion with my teacher was bittersweet, but mostly bitter. This place was hopeless, something needed to be done and I was going to do it-
    Dream Ends.
    ((i had this dream just before i graduated))
  5. ((this dream isnt actually that scary, but i was terrified while i was dreaming it. i dont know why it disturbed me so much))

    I was in a van --probably the one my mom had before we moved to where we were when I had the dream-- wicker basket between my legs the size of a 5 gallon bucket, braced with my hands. What was inside stunned me, it was fantastic and strange; it was an old decayed corpse of a large snake, maybe some kind of cobra (which is weird since I live in AZ). The skin for the most part was rotted off, every bone was visible, and even the bone fragments were chipped. This thing had been dead for a long time.

    The frail body was stuck in a fixed position. It looked like it was trying to crawl out before it died, with its head, neck, and a good 1/8 of its body trying to slither out of the basket. Following the head down, its middle was clinging to two painted chicken eggs, then heading down to its tail I notice it had gone through the basket, on the left side, as if by teleportation or some strange means.
    The whole ride home I was excited about this fossil, but superstitions kept me from touching it. to me it did not seem dead, the way it curled in the basket, made it look like it was ready to move at any second and lunge.
    When I got home, the house appeared a colorless house seemingly empty except for a table with a shallow wicker basket fruit bowl with fruit in it, and a love seat with flower decorations (the table was red). I showed off the wicker basket I had to the family (a stepfamily my mom got me involved with mostly). After that, I went to stand left to the love seat and decided to pull the corpse out. It came out all in one piece, even though the tail had appeared to be outside the basket, and it looked so fragile.
    Flakes of decay fell off the creature that hung oddly limp for being so long dead. Its useless head started to squirm! I was too stunned to react before it bit the palm of my free hand. When I yanked it off, it weakly resisted. Forcing it into the basket, I hid it in my room. It took two doors to get to my room, and inside was only a bed, and a window to light my room (maybe fan and lights, but the window lit the room). The room was as blank as the rest of the house.
    At this point, I was frightened out of my wits! The rest of the day I examined my bit hand. The bite did not break the skin, but left dry marks where it tried. My family avoided me; no one wanted to deal with someone who was bit by death, only my mother cared though.
    That night I had to return to my room for sleep. To my horror there was a large gap between the floor and my door the snake could have snuck through. The second door was better sealed. On hands and knees, I opened the second door which revealed that my floor was covered in woodchips that in reality I would use to line my Ball-python’s tank with. On the floor, next to the basket, under my bed (opposite side room) was a colorful black, red, yellow and orange striped cobra. It had all its youth back, but based on the corpse it shouldn’t have been that shape, size and color. It eyed me with black eyes and lifted its head off the ground, then it started to chase after me aggressively. The whole situation didn’t make sense, so it wasn’t unusual that it now had three heads. I managed to keep from screaming and slammed the door shut before it got to me, but I couldn’t figure out how to close the gap from floor to door.
    Even as my head buzzed with terror, I couldn’t help but feel honored to see such a sight. It was actually quite a beautiful creature. ((at this time I woke up from my dream. But I don’t wonder if I had been spending the rest of my dreaming night keeping the beast locked in my room. Because I know that if it escaped, it would gladly kill me.))
  6. It was a very large room, but somehow seemed to have close walls. There was a sense of dimension in the infinite dark space. The darkness surrounded uniformly.
    I was in this place with one other indistinguishable person I can only see out of the corner of my eye. It might have been a blonde blue eyed dude. The mood felt intensely heavy, but I knew what was at the heart of the matter. I felt like I could help solve the problem or ease his pain. This knowing I had was strange and creepy.
    To ease his and my own pain and selfish desire, I took my very normal human hand and tore a hole full through his shirt and reached into his chest, pulling out his heart, making a bloody mess. As I attacked, the room became less grim, like morning grey clouds. The figure collapsed to the floor looking somehow less gory, eyes closed. I became light headed, clear minded, and had an intense feeling of buoyancy. When I pressed the throbbing heart against my own, (somehow keeping my shirt untouched) a bright light manifested in the room, like an energy bursting from his heart. It was the strangest goose-bumpy feeling. A new pulsing joined my own heart-song and a light emotion of complete complacency came over me. Radiating from this mass of light, goodness turned the dark walls white, and everything felt pure and profound. But the evil I soaked up for the light to shine through. It dissolved without a trace and I felt as peaceful as ever.
    I saw the man lying on the ground. It wasn’t a stranger at all, it was CJ.

    ((After this dream, a month or so, I started dating this emotional roller-coaster. But his love and loyalties show no bounds. We’ve been through so much since this dream, and it was an accurate overshadow of our whole experience. We haven’t fully reached the stage of complete peace, I just hope it doesn’t mean his death))
  7. In a greyish white area, maybe a room, I was hanging out with Abrahan (a really close friend). After a while, he suddenly embraced me in an over hug affectionate that stunned me. I could feel my cheeks flush red with embarrassment due to awkwardness I felt, and how I didn’t hate it. The situation worsened when he kissed my neck. After a kiss or two he bit into it fiercely like a vampire (he had long, really sharp teeth apparently) and sucked my blood for a moment or two. Afterwards, he slumped down against an illusionary wall, looking exhausted.
    “What the hell did you do that for?”
    “What can I say? I was thirsty.”
    “Well are you infectious or something?”
    “I have no clue; I haven’t been in a situation like this before.”
    “That is just great.”
    I was pretty upset, but it was possible that I’d live. My boyfriend CJ came across me and I told him the news. He got really depressed/emotional and left. I did end up dying though. My body wasn’t enough to fight the virus or embrace it, so I moved on.
  8. At the beginning of the year 2012, I had a short dream, for it was only a scene, a picture, really. It was of two long horned rams. They were at peace grazing on a grassy hillside, but mostly looking around. On the highest portion they had yet to reach, the one who stood higher had a chain around his neck. Pressed against his neck was a ball and chain (like prisoners used to use to keep ‘m in place) then dangling from that was a smooth orange-rusty-red river rock. The burdened ram was attached loosely to the other by a rope that didn’t seem to way the other down too much. Both seemed content and healthy though.
  9. The blackness seemed to go on forever. Any man who delved too far into it would lose direction. there was no telling left from right, nor up or down. the only thing that seemed solid at all was a portion illuminated by a light that had no apparent origin. engraved in the floor was the figure of a fox, standing near its head was a well dressed man. upper class casual, well, he was dressed nice; a friend of mine (in the waking world). He looked very serious.
    my hair was matted and fell loosely on my shoulders, my red shirt and blue jeans were stained, torn and warn beyond repair. there was a constant wicked smile on my face. i was crouched with all fours on the floor like a beast, ready to pounce on anything that moved... but sadly he didn't move, didn't even blink. we spoke briefly about i don't know what. afterwards i noticed something that could not have possibly have fit in the little room provided in the gloom circle around the sitting fox. it was scaffolding. but instead of it growing smaller as it got taller, the perspective was reversed.
    entertainment! my heart twisted inside my chest. i lunged for it. not sure how high, not sure how far. there was no breeze, so my hair moved only due to my motion as i scaled it. in only moments i was a quarter the way up. my movement was swift and catlike and as i climbed, a metallic clanging rang in the empty eeriness.
    he watched me the whole time as i enjoyed myself in my makeshift jungle. dark gold eyes, brimming with red, always on the verge of change, his eyes were as mad as mine, but only mine were feral.
    finally i reached the top, and he spoke to me something like this "what do you hope to accomplish by this?"

    "nothing" the fox began glowing more intensely, like fiery, molten lava, which played a strange scene off of my friend below. (a casual conversation ensues, but i cant remember it)

    afterwards i jump, landing on my hands first, then my feet. the fire i noticed had no heat. then i stood next to him, and he now looked curious. (another conversation, but i dont know whats said)

    dream ends
  10. I stood outside by the porch closest to the trampoline, a little the right. What had caught my eye and pulled me outside was a strange view over the mountain range next to the landmark Superstition Mountains, a little to the left. I stood there and observed this strange sight with fascination.

    Over the mountain range the moon appeared just above it. It was big and fat like a harvest moon just rising, but it was white as though it was in the middle of the sky. To the right of this moon was another moon, an exact copy of it, and perfectly level with its twin. Out of the corner of my eye, and always to the right, I though I saw another moon, but every time I looked, it wasn't there. Sometimes I thought I saw the image flicker right next to the moon's right.

    Mom came out of her room and watched me watch the moons. I asked her “why are there two moons, mom? What is the other one?”. Mom said that the one to the right is fake, and the one on the left is real. I tried telling her of the moon I couldn't see but she was already back inside. I shrugged and looked back at the strange sight. But then, something very strange happened...

    a shooting star fell from the sky directly between the two moons. Its thick white tail didn't disappear with the star that seemed to touch the mountain range. The dividing line that separated the moons leveled with them then the top of the tail split off into a T and connected just above the two moons. The copied moon faded then disappeared all together. After that the T winked out and the real moon began to rise.

    The whole time I could see everything around me, but as the moon rose, my vision rose with it. It was all I could see, like a birds eye view of the moon. But then the moon started to change. Strange electric green lights began to tangle up over the moon's image like a neon spiderweb until almost the whole surface was covered.

    And that's all I remember....
  11. A boat rows through swampy cold waters. On the boat are three men. One rugged looking man was unconscious and pale lying down on the boat, and the other two men were rowing, but their faces were hidden by medicine masks. The fog broke a little when they reached an island. The shore was rocky and a sheer jagged slope rose away from the beach fearfully. A bright ball in the sky was nearly blocked out by the thick hazy clouds and produced a dreary, dreamy atmosphere.

    The two white robed medicine men tossed the lifeless body onto the beach and slowly rowed off. The man on the ground stirred and lifted his head enough to see the boat drifting quietly away. He looked around, then was suddenly stricken with panic and began panting feverishly. He opened his mouth and his voice cracked with dry words. Quickly, or as quickly as he could manage, he rose to his feet ignoring his splitting headache and ran after the vessel that disappeared in the fog that grabbed at it. The man huffed a couple more times and backed up out of the water like it was poison and looked around at the gnarled trees and vines that grew on the harsh terrain.

    “Help!” he yelled hopelessly, knowing he was on an island for dead people. The effort of rising to his feet after so long lying down almost divided his head with white light, and the afterimage of a dark figure appeared in his head. But he ignored it and continued his tirade through out the day, running up and down the beach as best he could, cutting up his feet. “Help!” he vaguely was aware of the tide slowly sloshing up, consuming the beach to get at him. He was to his waist in water and the beach was eaten entirely, working on the cliff. For the first time he seemed to notice the engulfing water and scrambled up the slight cliff. The water seemed very heavy and to pull at him, but he was able to persevere and get up onto dry land. Or... mostly dry land.

    Panting, he sat against a stubby, stunted oak and rested his damp head against it. The air was not chilly, like it was down on the beach, but very muggy and thick. He sat there, waiting to die.

    Reaching into his pockets, he pulled out a small reserve of food. It might last him a day, or two if he was careful. But he was starving and careless and ate them all. It was rat, and the meat was rank, but when you're hungry, anything can taste like a feast. Especially if you were half mad already.

    When he was done he rested his head again. The black swirling colors underneath his eyelids seemed to create the afterimage of a face all too familiar to him. It seemed to smile grimly at him. The image was his doom. It was the evil that dissolved this place ever so slowly. Too slowly.

    “I'll eat three rats a day.” he said to himself, and laughed at himself madly. He sat there, in the eeriness of the soundless forest, and let himself be lost in the black image that became more and more clear.

    And thats all i remember....
  12. for whatever reason, everyone in the world turned into a werewolf, or a vampire. the only noticeable difference was that werewolves had gold eyes, and vampires had red eyes. my group of friends were all excited, and had gathered in a high up room in a populated city (newyork or something) i walked in the room, and a bunch of gold and red eyes starred in at me happily (my best friend is a vampire in this situation, and believes he is in reality to this day too) i was a werewolf, but pretty depressed, this didnt seem right. i went to the corner of the room as everyone plotted the takeover of the new world and sat down. i meditated and reached a new level of awareness. in the dark void, a round portal was pushed open by a very reassuring man in overalls, ready for work on an orange grove like place from a commercial and invited me to join him for a while. i did so, but the portal closed behind my physical form that followed him. my dreaming conscience self waited an unkown amount of time before the portal opened back up again

    "would you like to stay? we would love to have you over for dinner"

    "no thank you sir, but thank you for your help"

    "well have a good day" and with a solute the portal closed and i woke up from my trans. everyone was chatting in the room when i looked up, but slowly the conversation stopped and all eyes were on me. i felt human again, my eyes were how they had been before the change. suddenly though, their eyes seemed very hungry and astonished.

    my closest friend who was a vampire approached me "brianna, we could use you in our plan! come on, we'll show you how!"

    i starred him down, feeling much stronger as a human as i ever had before. "i cant do that." i got up and walked passed them and opened the door

    "if you leave us, we will hunt you down"

    "be that as it may"

    i closed the door on hungry eyes