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  1. I had the strangest dream

    I dreamt that I was in my house looking out the window downstairs
    I was with my mom and I was telling her water had come into the garden and left a lake there
    I said to her in the dream
    This is strange .. Because I dream and predicted this happening last night ???
    (Weird to talk about dreams in a dream I think )

    We went to the back door in the kitchen

    A old otherworldly man ( he felt like a holy man he had like a pope quality in the sense I knew he was special )
    Floated in a seated position to a spot in the garden.
    The water that had entered the garden had made a part of my garden rise
    The man floated to the risen area and was looking to get something from under it ?

    People were gathering in my garden like it was a historical find , super special and watching him get something from my garden

    I woke up but it didn't feel like a dream ...

    Does any one know what this means please ?