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  1. Okay, so the dream starts out with the guys I hate (let's call him Matt... He kinds hates me too), my brother, and I going to a high-end restaurant in New York. After we ate there, we all went back to Matt's apartments. When we got into his apartments, my brother and I instantly began inviting our friends over. When they came over, we had fun in the living room and the kitchen. We ate food, played
    Videogames, and talked. While that, i noticed matt wasn't with us. He actually looked depressed in his room, all alone. So during the fun, i went into matin's room. He was sitting on his computer desk. So i asked him what was wrong, then I noticed he looked really sad and depressed. Like a guy who was really depressed after a really hard breakup. He looked like a lost puppy. So idk why i did this, but i told him "it's okay matt, everything will get better, u want a hug?" He did a tiny nod, then I went and stood between his legs and hugged him for 10 seconds or so. He was hesitant at first, but then he warmed up. Both of us didn't want to let go at all. It was weird. After that, I told my brother's and my friends that the social gathering was over, then they all left. Okay there were 2 bedrooms in the apartment: my bro slept in one with one bed. Since i felt sorry for matt and wanted to cheer him up, i told him i'll sleep in one bed of his, and him in another. Then these two girls wanted to sleep on his tv.(?) i asked them how will they sleep on his tv? They said they will, cuz they're comfy with it. After that, the lights turned off and we all slept. While i slept, matt went into my bed and hugged me while i slept.
    Then the dream was over.

    The weirdest thing is, i hate matt because he was arrogant and a swagfag. Idk how this dream happened because he has a lot of pretty female friends. Why me? He hates me because im sarcastic to him all the time and i insult him. Lol.