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  1. 7/29/18
    I’m at home with family and friends. There are black helicopters flying low overhead. Armed soldiers of the regime are looking for dissidents.The scene sort of changes and I’m observing a man in a black uniform rounding up suspects. His uniform resembles that worn by nazi SS guards. I ask him if locking up a 12 year old girl is okay with him. He says he thinks a little prison time is good for kids.

    I often have dreams featuring dystopian themes. I think part of the reason is because our government is so corrupt and entrenched in corporate cash that the ordinary people get ignored in favor of big money donors who control what lawmakers legislate. And we currently have a president who only knows how to go on tour and seek praise from clueless mobs.
  2. 11/18/17
    I’m a patient at a hospital or health clinic and I’m wearing a hospital gown. I’m not sure if I’m waiting for test results or waiting to see a doctor or waiting for surgery but I walk down a flight of stairs when I hear an explosion. I panic and head for the exit. Glass and debris are raining down outside the doorway and I go back in and the building is shaking and rocking. I see people with terrified expressions trying to hold on to whatever is stable.

    Then the scene switches and I’m outdoors in a field and sitting in a lawn chair. It appears to be a beautiful summer afternoon and I’m working on a project that looks like a big poster board with red lines and filled in circles. I see my old friend Chet nearby talking closely to a man who is wearing a uniform. My friend walks toward me and the man follows. He tells me “Don’t say anything.” The man walks up to me and demands to know if he (Chet) is a homosexual. I just sit there dumbfounded and go back to my work. He grabs my arm and says come with me.

    Then I’m in a very wooded and shaded area of the same field and sitting on a bench waiting for further instructions. The man gets out of a small car like a glassed in golf cart and now he’s speaking with a heavy German accent. He commands me to kneel. I show him my cane and say I’m going to need help in that department. I’m thinking that I will go along with this fiasco until I figure out a way to get out of it. Then I wake up much to my relief.
  3. 11-6-17

    In the first part of the dream, my sister Doreen and me are traveling somewhere and we stop and admire this man's jacket. He's not wearing it but it is draped over something ( a fence post maybe? ) and the moment he turns to look at something else, Doreen grabs it and we run back to the car and drive off with the man yelling after us "Hey, hey..!" LATER we are being interrogated by a woman who resembles my gynecologist and she gives us a stern warning that if they find the missing jacket, that we are both in deep trouble. Investigators are looking through Doreen's car at the time and we look at each other and she gives me a look to say "keep your mouth shut."

    In the second dream, I'm in an area that looks like a shanty town where squatters are living in run-down trailers. I'm told I can find my mother here. I get the impression that some sort of dystopian scenario is taking place and I got separated from family and am now looking for them. I go to a trailer and my mother greets me with a mouth full of chewing tobacco. I'm shocked and appalled and tell her that its very dangerous. She insists its alright and smiles and displays her black teeth.

    I had this dream on the evening on learning about the death of a relative who died suddenly of a heart attack. She was a heavy smoker for years and maybe this dream contains symbolism reflecting that news and my reaction. I also got a friend request on Facebook from a relative who is looking for family members to follow. This may also be a part of the dream.
  4. 5-16-17

    I'm in an abandoned shopping center with a young woman I don't know in reality. We are looking into the windows of the shops in which there are sparse furnishing and shelves where merchandise once was sold. In one store, hundreds of rats and mice are scurrying about. I find this remarkable and tell the woman that I wish I had remembered to bring my camera.
  5. 2-17-17
    I’m living in a world without electricity, This scenario reminds me of the cancelled series “Revolution.” I don’t know for sure what inspired the dream but here it is.

    The setting is dark and seems to take place mostly in dark areas of a long building that may have once been a shopping mall or some other place of commerce. I’m more like a casual observer here, not playing a big role in the dream. At one point, I’m witness to the humiliation and torture of a young man who may be gay. He’s punched around and his arm stretched until it breaks. All the while, the young man barely whimpers and is then thrown into a cage. The populace is under the control of a brutal authoritarian force.

    At another time,pregnant women are being abducted and experimented on. Their fetuses are used to test drugs, but for what purpose is unclear. There is soft crying and moaning as strange people in lab coats carry test tubes and work at benches.

    And I vaguely remember riding in a open car while people are hiding or escaping injustice.

    This is all I can remember.
  6. 2-9-2017

    I was in a big building. It was like a school/office building with young students milling about. There were multiple rooms with shelves lined with books and had long cafeteria-type tables. I"m in one of the rooms sitting at a table when Jimmy Dore comes in and he’s all pissed off at me about talking publicly about how he’s a teacher of kids with special needs and they go to a room, a room that is the only one with a pink door. He accuses me of selling out (or something like that). I point out that it’s a form of segregation and that their room shouldn’t be highlighted in such a way but have the same color door as all the others and that they should feel included.

    Later, I’m in the same room and Jimmy comes back and apologizes and says I was right and that he was going to have the door painted like all the others and invited other kids into the room.


    For those reading and don't know who Jimmy Dore is, he is an American political commentator and comedian.
  7. 1-7-2017
    It’s nighttime and there are many people milling about but why is unclear. We see what looks like a jet painted lime green and piloted by someone appearing to do stunts. But I sense something more menacing like a planned attack. I watch as the plane spins and flies upside down. I’m attempting to get my iphone out to take a video. I take video and then have to process it through this weird procedure where a man shows up and I put the phone, which now resembles a cassette tape, into the top of his head that has a slot and knobs on each side. As he’s processing the video. I go into a room that houses the man and there are several small bags of M&M’s in it and I take a few. I walk out and hand out a couple to a group of people sitting at a table and tell them not to tell the video processor about it because they’re his.

    Then I got back to see the video processor and the cassette is still in his head. Then the plane comes back and appears longer and it flies really low and it seems like it’s coming in for an attack when it spirals out of control and crashes.

  8. I’m walking down a sidewalk in the middle of town when I see an elderly woman picking herself up off the ground near the curb on the other side of the road.
    I go to help her up and she tells me how she had an argument with George W, Bush while waiting to cross the road. Then I witness the actual event. She proceeds to walk across the road and W gets into his vehicle, which resembles a four door sedan, and chases her to the point of her falling. Sensing people are watching, he backs up and drives off, not completing the actual run-over.

  9. 10-31-2016

    It is nighttime and strange weather phenomenon is happening---meteor showers, severe lightning, winds, rain, falling stars---all at once.

    Despite this I am outside. The area looks like my old neighborhood on Pine Street. At the time I lived there, most homes had young children. Now the children are grown up and acting like the gang in Kubrick's A clockwork Orange. They even look like them except they are dressed in modern western clothes.

    I'm on some kind of mission but what is unclear. I attempt to walk up our street but am blocked by the gang. They have menacing expressions and approach me and ask what I'm carrying. I look around and a huge lightning ball appears and then disappears. The gang is unfazed. I don't know what to be more frightened of, them or the storms.

    The leader of the gang attempts to grab something out of my hand. I carry nothing. I brace myself for an assault when I awaken.
  10. 6-17-2016
    Last night I woke up 3 times after having a nightmare.

    First one I remember, I’m with a group of people in some stone building and we’re in the midst of a civil war. The conquerors are dressed in Medieval garb and one man on our side gets a member of the invading force on the stone ground and begins to crush his face and head with some metal contraption with spikes. I look away in horror as a strange man next to me nods in approval. I wake up relieved it was only a dream.

    The second one I remember I’m visiting with my parents someplace. I think my sister is here as well. We are sitting down to a casual brunch and suddenly my dad begins to convulse and cough up some brown phlegm. I’m horrified and turn to my mother to tell her we need to call an ambulance. She is sitting glassy eyed and brown drool begins to come out the corner of her mouth and I fear they may have eaten something bad or the food was poisoned. I wake up relieved it was only a dream.

    The third nightmare escapes my memory at the moment.
  11. 5-10-2016
    A friend and me are in my room and a guy named Dave shows up to visit. He is young (my age in the dream is not evident) and a musician in a band and goes to our school (it’s been a looooooong time since I’ve been in high school).. We laugh and joke and he tells us about getting an agent to promote them. I’m thinking “why bother because it’s just a shitty cover band” but he seems psyched that they may have a gig in Moscow Russia. I’m thinking “that’s going a long way away just to suck.” but anyway.

    Then we meet him again at school and he introduces us to the rest of the band and we hang out at recess eating greenery. One dumbass asks “What’s greenery?” We point to our pea pods and asparagus as if to say what do you think?

    Then me and my friend are hanging out in my room again and talk show host and crazy conspiracy theorist Alex Jones shows up and starts to tell us about a band he likes. We laugh and say we had a musician in our room yesterday. Then we’re back at the playground recess area and Donald Trump is in what appears to be a wash tub and soaking naked in it covered in suds. I’m thinking I hope he scrubs himself away.
  12. I was in a health food store with youtube personality David Pakman. He was looking for some cookies called “Wild Oats” that resemble simple soft sugar cookies shaped like hexagons.

    Then the scene switches and I’m outside looking for where I parked my car. I find it nowhere and assume it’s been stolen. Then I learn that a couple of the owners of the store sold it. Why? Because I parked in a spot that tells them to sell the car. I was furious and demanded to know why they didn’t look for the owner to verify that I wanted to sell it. They (two middle-aged white men) just shrugged and I demanded that they find it and get it back. I was also upset that important papers I had in the car may have already been discarded because of my car’s new owner.

    As I’m waiting to get my car back, I travel about the area and get into a discussion about hair and hair coloring with some guys who have their hair dyed various colors like green and orange. I proceed to pour dye on my hair but then fear it making me bald and/or unrecognizable.

    Then I get my car back. It resembles my old Chevy Citation but it appears to have been burned. The tires are jet black with spikes of melted tar around the rums. The hood is mostly charred off revealing the motor and tubs and wires inside. I’m upset and wonder how I’m going to drive it.

    I end up back in my old neighbor from when I was a kid in Connecticut. I drive up to our old apartment and sit in the car and peer inside. It looks like my mother and I quickly drive off for fear she’d see what has happened to the car.
  13. 1-25-16
    I'm back living in the old Navy housing complex we used to live in when I was a kid of about 9 & 10. I'm an adult and come home to find I've been evicted and must move to an apartment in another block. A group of Saudi men that are dressed like the royals---long white gowns and red and white headdresses that resemble table cloths---are standing in the small yard as if waiting to enter the apartment.
    Now my parents are here and we are all gathering our stuff to move into the other apartment. I have my old Tracker vehicle and load that back and the next scene we are moved in but there is some kind of controversy about the type of vehicle you can have and I think they may confiscate my car.
    Then I look out the back window and the scenery is the same as it was from the old apartment and I wonder how long it will be before everyone is evicted so more Saudi's can move in. I'm happy to be settled in but anxious that it may only be temporary.


    The only thing I can think may have inspired this dream is the creeping fascism that's really occurring here in the United States. The Saudi royals own stock in the propaganda news channel FOX and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, both touting fascist-like ideology and policies, are in the lead for the republican presidential nomination.
  14. 11-5-15

    First, I was sharing an apartment with my old friend Lucy. We had several cats. I kept looking for Muffin (she was an old Maine coon I had growing up). One of the cats had snuck into the apartment across the hall. The other ones were in various locations, both indoors and outside. But where was Muffin? She came in with another cat I had forgotten we even had!

    Then, I’m walking, with my sister, on a bridge that’s either undergoing renovations or construction. I sense it may have been the recent location of a bomb, but that’s never expressed by anyone. We are walking amongst hundreds of others and there is no auto traffic.The bridge appears to be made of steel, although it begins collapsing like the sides of those plastic storage crates with the flaps. People start scrambling toward the foot of the bridge as do I and my sister following right behind.

    The bridge continues to collapse on the sides, but the walkway/roadway remains in tact. We calmly continue on and I meet up with an older woman and she notices I’m wearing mittens. The mittens are knit with embroidered designs and the name Jesus (as in the Christian savior) on them. The woman asks me “Is that sincere or just pork?” I translate that to ‘do I really believe in Jesus or am I just wearing them to wear them?’ I tell her “They’re just pork.”

    Then I look behind to see where my sister is and she’s gone. I tell the woman my sister was right behind me and now we’ve separated. She tells me she can’t find her husband. But we continue on in hopes to meet up with them at the foot of the bridge.

    We arrive at the foot and I see up on the snow covered arch of the bridge what looks like a roller coaster car coming down. People are yelling but having a fun and scary time. My sister is among them. I go up to meet her and she says, “Imagine what it feels like going down on that thing so quickly that your stomach is up here” and she puts her hand level with her neck.

  15. 10-12-15
    I look outside my window and see many animals, mostly the small furry kind like rabbits and raccoon. I search for my iphone to take a video and hope the animals don’t leave in the meantime. I finally find it and I go outside to get some close-up shots and they begin moving away and I follow.

    To my surprise and horror, they are not all little furry creatures. Among them are two small brown bears and they begin approaching me. I don’t run out of fear of showing fear and getting attacked. Instead, I keep the camera on them and slowly move back toward the house while keeping camera at an angle toward their heads and thinking this will keep them from lunging me.

    I make it to the house and close the door right before they dart through it to get in. I’m anxious to see the footage I took. I see the close-up face of one of the bears and I’m pleased.