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  1. I had a dream unlike any other before. So I was kneeling at an altar and looked up to see a man with either a horned head-dress, mask, or head and he was putting on me a blue, glowing head-dress, or mask that was made of bone and had two eye-peep holes but did not cover below my cheeks and nose. It had small horns on it like an antelope perhaps. When I began to stand up and looked down at the foot I raised to stand on first, I put it down on the floor as to stand and once I did, it turned into a hoof. Like a deer hoof. I literally saw my foot when it transformed into a hoof before my eyes. I did not see my other foot; I just woke up directly after seeing this transformation of my foot into a hoof. I have read some literature and discussed with an occultist philosopher about such images and dreams... he is not a professional though, merely a self-learned scholar, mostly. He mentions Pan symbolism... as I toy with idea about typical "devil" or "evil" and energies on this planet, bloodlines and such, I wonder if I am being lured or if I have already been initiated.. just trying to be as detailed here as possible so others may get an idea of my mind's eye on such things. Must go to work now though so will check back later hoping for insight or ideas. Thanks.