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  1. It my mom, brother, sister, my friend* and I.

    We're driving in mt friends truck then we stopped at a house party. It was a huge home in a nice neighborhood. The guy almost looked like a Colombian drug lord. The house was filled with people and smoke. We all were having a decent time. There was food and little meals in containers. There was this really big drunk guy. He just growled and grunted all the time, didn't speak. He picked up a bottle and went towards my brother, then my sister. I was scared he'd do something to them so I distracted him. I took his bottle and we sort of played around, acted like I would hit him with the bottle. He ran around a small couch almost like we where playing tag. We were smiling a bit from this. Then he picked up a chair and I remember thinking or saying something like "oo now your gonna use a chair?"' In like a playful way almost. My mom was watching the whole time. I saw that she didn't look too concerned yet I felt she may be a little frightened. Then there was a little bit of commotion in the back rooms. Then my friend came out. Hair all askew, nice clothes. A green plaid top and thin jeans. Looked very well dressed. I went up to him and we hugged. I Asked "where were you? What did you take?" He whispered to me "dope. Heroin". I looked at him, he had more than stable on his face, almost a beard but it wasn't lengthy enough for it. I said "but I thought you said you'd" I didn't finish my sentence. And even though I knew what I was going to say, deep down I wanted some too, and knew that I'd get some later when we hung out alone. Something interrupted me. We were embracing while walking near the kitchen, my mom right near us. We looked through cabinets and stuff. Then I told him how nice he looked in his clothes. He had a white wife beater under his shirt. I tugged on it. At the corner of my eye, I saw my boss walking by. Then my friend suggested we leave and go somewhere I can't remember. Take a shower, wash our faces, hang out and everything, just us two. I said "Yea, take a shower. I like that." So I got my purse all the suddenly in my arm and tried to gather around my sister, brother and mom to tell them we are leaving.. Then I woke up.

    ** BTW, this friend in my dream, He moved away. We still keep in touch but of course it isn't certain we would ever see each other again. We had a very close relationship.
  2. From today, I am keeping a dream journal next to my bed so that I can better remember and record my dreams. I hope that while I try to interpret my dreams that others can help me in the process.

    I was on the floor. As I moved my mouth I felt that I had loose teeth. I was spitting out blood and pieces of my teeth! Either whole teeth or just pieces of them were coming out. It was like my teeth were shattered in my mouth. I looked into a small mirror at my teeth and they were all jagged or missing.

    Then I was in this huge mansion. It was all white inside. There was a big staircase with many people lined up, facing forward around it. I was on the balcony so I could look down at the people side by side. It was as if it was a cult or they were trying to stand for something (like a protest). All of a sudden the first person was yelling about something. And like a triggering affect he starting to jump up and land on the floor dead. The next guy was on his knees smashing his arms and hands on the floor trying to break his fingers and arms. Then one by one all the people in a line were jumping in the air and just falling down as if they were committing suicide because even though they simply jumped in the air (like jumping rope. They were not floating or anything. They jumped the height you would normally jump) their bodies were slamming down on the floor and they died. I remember that all of a sudden I was hanging onto the banister from the opposite side and my "friends" were on the other side. I was yelling and crying about how I didn't want to live anymore and I'm sick of life. I was shaking my head as the "friends" just looked at me. I let go of the banister and fell to the floor. I just laid there and that's it. That's all I remember from the dream, perhaps that's when I woke up.