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  1. I had a dream about my ex that broke up with me over 2 years now. I walked into my grandparents house completely excited to see my grandparents and when I went into their living room, I saw my ex sitting in a corner chair with them. I said hello to both my grandparents, then to him I said, what are you doing here? Awkward! Then I was just trying to avoid him and do anything I could even though I knew he was there to see me. I was doing the dishes in the kitchen and he came in and told me he was here to see me. And he told me how he f-ed up. And he had tears in his eyes and I was doing anything I could to avoid him, but I remember feeling anger. I asked him why he was there and how he knew I was there. and he said that he texted my sister and she told him where I would be. Then I was immediately angry with my sister also. He kept telling me he f-ed up. Then he tells me while i'm doing the dishes that he dated 6 other girls and now he's finally back to me. And I said so it took you 6 other girls to be with after me to realize that I'm the most important thing in your life...and then I woke up. What does this mean?