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  1. this is the most unique dream ever. all i'm doing is talking to Obama and his skin kept splitting open and looking like scales on his scull.:scared::scared::scared:
  2. my theory of dreamscape has been awaiting a conclusion.i theorize that when we sleep our emotions are connected with ideas. i also believe that our sub-consious mind are conected. this comes from my radical christianity. i believe that GOD put a link in our minds to help us survive. this is why hypnosis works. when you dream your thought and ideas get caught up in a maelstorm. there are ways to block this intrusion but it will cost you some great dreams. evidence 1: my last 3 girlfriends i dreampt of them before i ever met them. i knew what they liked how they acted what the were good at and their dislikes. but i did have sometime with them some people would say. i say i knew this before hand. evidence 2:this could be what notradaumus expeirenced. three weeks before 9/11/01 i dreampt of our nation being attacked. the strange thing is i heard a iraqi language being spoke but i understood it( i can only speak two languages english, and some espanol, i can read classical greek) i knew who this man that attacked us was where he was from ( i told my aunt who had the same dream). coincidence some would say but it is not.evidence 3: 4/12-13/06 around 12:00-1:00 i dreamed i was talking to martin luther king. he old me of a new presidental era. that would come in 2 years. the next day on the news obama comes on t.v. to announce his canidency for president. i think that i got the information from obamas mind itself. another thing to make this not seem all about me is the mothership and catface. i never heard of them untill recently then out of no where this britsh dude is saving me from the queen mary where i worked in my dream then i found this site and found that post and it prove our dreams are connected. but even though our dreams are connected all dreams are unique and each indivsual has there own sence of perception. in lay man terms our dream are connected but our dreams are our on they form from our minds then we dream them. after we dream them they get sucked into this maelstorm to be recycled back into other dreams:drink::cat3:
  3. in class to day i was dreaming ( i know i know i should not sleep in class but i got 2 good reasons puking my guts out because of somthing i ate- it must of had fish oil in it i'm allergic- and 2 dream rock!!!!!!!!!!anyways in my dream i was in my favorite video game HALO: REACH ( yet again that war theme i still don't get it) in the dream i was doing what i always do that is forge ( that means bulding maps lMAO) i was working on this map for my clan leader for any war games like COD: black ops. xCCUx is the clan i work for almost. the map was almost like a train ground but i was really in the game and every time i fell i felt it and it hurt the rest is fuzzy exept at one point i remember looking at the mirror wondering who i am am i the game playing life or life playing games ( the same with dreams)
  4. i know i should not sleep in class but i'm glad i did in my dream i was in a boat like the ones used in normandy ( don't know why but most of my dreams deal with war i do know that i'm not having a self conflict but it makes wonder if it isn't about the great warrior of heaven, that and the teacher was teahing about normandy) but i was being shot at by a nazi the strange thing is the war was in america some how i knew that the neo-nazis rebeled a took half of the US. i was with unit call 23 liberated marines of Georgia. well when i set foot in florida we were getting shelled by LRMs (long range mortars) the enemys were using AK-47 w/M1A4 that is a grenade launcher. so i'm rushing fort augustine the thing about that i've never been there so i get lost. my comander is this guy who looks like my second fav. prez. Bill Clinton. in this battle this unit of muslims are trying kill troops on both sides:tank::yessir::cat3: the dream starts to fade to black yet i get this feeling i will finish this dream soon
  5. last night the dream was so real it seemed more of a memory. it was of my 9 b-day and my family was going through hard times and we could not afford a b-day cake. so we bought zebra cakes instead (note that was one of my best b-days) sometime near the middle of the dream i ended up in this tower at cheehaw parks.this next part i know is dreamscapes doing because the tower can hold a max of 50 people but there was 10,000 on it singing happy birthday to methen i was at home and this strange person was tring to take me from my home this too has happened i was taken from my family by DFACS:sleep:
  6. the place i refered to is called dreamscape. dreamscape is getting smarter by the day. i believe that everyones minds are connected subconciously. this i believe is true i have never seen the inside of the tower of london. then my friend from the U.K. came in my house and shown me the map of the tower of londonit was exactly as i dreamed now that doesn't say much but i believe i'm the first to realize this.
  7. I have a hypothesis on what happens when you sleep. i believe you go to a place i call dreamscape. in dreamscape you run into the strangest things ( i've found real life is sometimes stranger than dreams) dreamscape take every thing you've ever seen and organizes it into catagories so you dream of different things. now there are some unexplainable things about dreamscape. one is that :sleep: everyone you meet in dreamscape is real they are flesh and blood. [] was my blog the reason i put it the is because soon i will be showing the results of my dreamscape analisys. (note i'm not pimping this site)
  8. in the dream a place i like to call dreamscape. i was older than i am now the house that i have been wanting was for sale (i have never seen this house but a friend of bought it in my dream) the crazy thing is i went into the house and saw a hude fridge. i moved this fridge and behind it was a flight of stairs. at the bottom of these stairs was a door that was 4 foot thick and looked like it hadn't been opened sense th 60s. there was a number pad to one side with a digi-splay ( it said that on the top of the thing) somehow i new the code it was 456-345-5676-TIXOA this code has no particular meaning to me other than the vague thought it's military. inside the bunker was all kinds of high teck things. in the corner was a camera i pulled out a blue light and shined it at the camera i caught sight that is was government.then i gat into an arguement and woke up. :stooges::cat3::poke::poke:
  9. recently i dreamed about the government trying to take over the country. the problem is the gov is alreay doing this now the thing about is is tha i had this dream about a year ago it was about a bill passed by the gov than more followed. no i'm not making this up because this next part is what gets me the most. the citizens stood up to the gov and said no the feds decided that they cut down all oppotistion and began to kill people this got out of hand when the nation rebeled the part that is crystal clear to me is that the prez was driveing down my street surveying the damage and he was wearing crown behind this crown i noticed devil horns small but still there. looking through my scope on my rifle i noticed a group of soldiers in the house the prez went in hold a woman down the prez proceeded to molest her. this became the problem i ended up shooting at him and the troops. the scary part of the dream is that as the bullet passed through his abdomen blood spurted on the window in the shape of three numbers 666 ;( i don't like that idea );
  10. i just woke up from a nap in which i was in a huge room there was a huge field. on the sides were two armies at one end there was a raised dias and on that three thrones sat the one in the middle glowed gold the right blue :worship: the did not glow. at the other end there was a stands almost like an american:angel::fight: football game. in that stand there was a crowd of demons i was in a cage that said prize one the side with the thrones (that side seemed friendly) an crowd of angels sat politlitly the two armies got on the field and got in to battle :tank:formation then the two armies clashed the sound was so tremendous that it woke me up. right now i'm at school typing this and the school is in the country
  11. i had a dream last night that the two girls i love were pregnant with my children. heres the problem they both wanted to marry but i could only choose one. thing is they know of each other in real life and they are best friends. not to brag or be sexest but my girls know of each other and are cool with it. now this part scares me the one i don't choose will have a misscarrige creepy oh yeah i'm 18 and have no kids yet :mooner::H3::rant::cat3:

  12. i had a dream that i was in iraq and the al queda was attacking me. now at this time bin laden said that he would not attack american carravans. these enemys started to attack so me and a friends fought back yet no one got hurt then some how i got into the video of ossama yo momma by ray stevensthen i don't know what happened i was at a summit in iraq where the prez. shot him selfwith a berret 50. cal. and his brain cavity was found dry at first
    they thought the gun blew it dry but when they got a closer look they found cob webs and organic dust and a little man who was sitting a a desk with a gun to his head. what the freak does it mean i know i woke up luaghing:spit:
  13. recently i had a dream that the usa was under attack by a unknown nation. the government told the people that we are on our own. some how people looked to me to lead them.:tank::fight: out of no where all hope was seemingly lost when this tall man came to me and told me to kill the leader of the enemy of the state. this enemy of state was an demonic presence who goes by the name of lufer {Lucifer} :flame: i noticed that the man who helped me seemed nice almost holy. the devil was big and (don't get me wrong i like women and i am straight) some how handsome he was nothing like the devil people think of when you mention satan instead he seemed nice but when he tried to fool me i felt a deep down resentment towards him then out of no where the angel of god locked himself in battle with the devil and they fought. some how the angel started to lose and i felt that i should wait the right moment to lead an attack. a few minutes later the devil almost triumphs over the devil and i get the feeling that it's time but i could not begin the attack. next thing i know the angel starts to win then i know it is time to attack. we attack then. i feel as if great burden on the planet is coming and it will be a big pain for every one not many people will survive and i'm afriad and that is not easy for me to feel i rarely get scared.