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Stealing Things

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The last two nights I dreamed about stealing things or taking things without authorization.

from last night 7-31-15

I'm given permission by someone to go to Donald Trump's limo and take out books and CD's about Trump and distribute them for his campaign. I take them but instead of giving them out, I hoard them---why isn't clear. I look through my stash and brag to people I trust, including my sister, that I took these things from Trump's limo.

The next thing I remember is being in a small mini bus riding around and we stop at a convenience store. We are parked when a sand truck across the street hits a bump and sand and rocks jump out of the truck like violent projectiles. I hear someone scream "Mom!" and see a boy running toward his mother who is bloodied on one side of her face and the skin is tattered. I look to my left and see my dad's mouth all bloodied. Apparently he was about to take a drink from a straw when a rock hit our vehicle and jarred it to the point of causing his injury.


I'm part of a group of people that goes to houses that are unoccupied for various reasons but still being lived in. We take things from the house to steal and/or sell. I'm in a girl's bedroom and find trinkets on a shelf and a bottle of half used shampoo. I take some trinkets and the shampoo and put them in a satchel. As I leave what is now an apartment complex, I hear a girl yell "Some things are missing!" I run out of the apartment building but not without tenants seeing me. I run down the road and through a residential neighborhood and fear getting caught. Then somehow I do a complete circle and end up back in the apartment complex. My heart is racing fearing I may get caught and go to jail when I wake up relieved that I didn't rob anybody or get in trouble.
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