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Stealing Jacket and Chewing Tobacco

Published by sweet slumber in the Dream Diary sweet slumber's Dream Diary. Views: 1205


In the first part of the dream, my sister Doreen and me are traveling somewhere and we stop and admire this man's jacket. He's not wearing it but it is draped over something ( a fence post maybe? ) and the moment he turns to look at something else, Doreen grabs it and we run back to the car and drive off with the man yelling after us "Hey, hey..!" LATER we are being interrogated by a woman who resembles my gynecologist and she gives us a stern warning that if they find the missing jacket, that we are both in deep trouble. Investigators are looking through Doreen's car at the time and we look at each other and she gives me a look to say "keep your mouth shut."

In the second dream, I'm in an area that looks like a shanty town where squatters are living in run-down trailers. I'm told I can find my mother here. I get the impression that some sort of dystopian scenario is taking place and I got separated from family and am now looking for them. I go to a trailer and my mother greets me with a mouth full of chewing tobacco. I'm shocked and appalled and tell her that its very dangerous. She insists its alright and smiles and displays her black teeth.

I had this dream on the evening on learning about the death of a relative who died suddenly of a heart attack. She was a heavy smoker for years and maybe this dream contains symbolism reflecting that news and my reaction. I also got a friend request on Facebook from a relative who is looking for family members to follow. This may also be a part of the dream.
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