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Shooting Video Footage of Brown Bears

Published by sweet slumber in the Dream Diary sweet slumber's Dream Diary. Views: 1473

I look outside my window and see many animals, mostly the small furry kind like rabbits and raccoon. I search for my iphone to take a video and hope the animals don’t leave in the meantime. I finally find it and I go outside to get some close-up shots and they begin moving away and I follow.

To my surprise and horror, they are not all little furry creatures. Among them are two small brown bears and they begin approaching me. I don’t run out of fear of showing fear and getting attacked. Instead, I keep the camera on them and slowly move back toward the house while keeping camera at an angle toward their heads and thinking this will keep them from lunging me.

I make it to the house and close the door right before they dart through it to get in. I’m anxious to see the footage I took. I see the close-up face of one of the bears and I’m pleased.
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