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Ship Wreck Time Travel Room Key

Published by Maljonic in the Dream Diary Maljonic's Dream Diary. Views: 1018

i had a dream that I was in a massive shipwreck, like on a cruise liner or something. I was thrown from the ship onto a beach in a cove surrounded by high cliffs and sharp rocks. A huge wave washed over the ship and snapped it in half, lots of people were screaming. I took survivors into the cave which led us to an old fashioned hotel like in Scotland. I used my phone to unlock the front door. The rooms inside the hotel were actually private apartments. I was from the future and my phone was a future tech gadget disguised as a contemporary phone. I used it to scan the rooms and found ones that were empty and also found when the owners were returning. I showed a black guy and his little boy into a nice apartment where they could dry and recover overnight from the shipwreck. I said the owners of the apartment were returning at 10:09 the following morning. He replied, “Ok, but how can you predict such things? How do you know they won’t be late, or early even?” I told him it wasn’t a prediction, that is the exact time they returned. In the future we keep very meticulous records of everyone’s movements, evening scanning way back through time, and this device has stored all the records from this time period in case I need them.
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