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Saudis Move Into U.S. Government Housing

Published by sweet slumber in the Dream Diary sweet slumber's Dream Diary. Views: 1590

I'm back living in the old Navy housing complex we used to live in when I was a kid of about 9 & 10. I'm an adult and come home to find I've been evicted and must move to an apartment in another block. A group of Saudi men that are dressed like the royals---long white gowns and red and white headdresses that resemble table cloths---are standing in the small yard as if waiting to enter the apartment.
Now my parents are here and we are all gathering our stuff to move into the other apartment. I have my old Tracker vehicle and load that back and the next scene we are moved in but there is some kind of controversy about the type of vehicle you can have and I think they may confiscate my car.
Then I look out the back window and the scenery is the same as it was from the old apartment and I wonder how long it will be before everyone is evicted so more Saudi's can move in. I'm happy to be settled in but anxious that it may only be temporary.


The only thing I can think may have inspired this dream is the creeping fascism that's really occurring here in the United States. The Saudi royals own stock in the propaganda news channel FOX and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, both touting fascist-like ideology and policies, are in the lead for the republican presidential nomination.
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