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Menacing Presence

Published by sweet slumber in the Dream Diary sweet slumber's Dream Diary. Views: 1390


It is nighttime and strange weather phenomenon is happening---meteor showers, severe lightning, winds, rain, falling stars---all at once.

Despite this I am outside. The area looks like my old neighborhood on Pine Street. At the time I lived there, most homes had young children. Now the children are grown up and acting like the gang in Kubrick's A clockwork Orange. They even look like them except they are dressed in modern western clothes.

I'm on some kind of mission but what is unclear. I attempt to walk up our street but am blocked by the gang. They have menacing expressions and approach me and ask what I'm carrying. I look around and a huge lightning ball appears and then disappears. The gang is unfazed. I don't know what to be more frightened of, them or the storms.

The leader of the gang attempts to grab something out of my hand. I carry nothing. I brace myself for an assault when I awaken.
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