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London Buses and Dragon

Published by Maljonic in the Dream Diary Maljonic's Dream Diary. Views: 1014

i had a dream about new types of buses in London, where the driver owns their own bus. The passengers pre pay bus fares online, and give optional amounts of money to the driver/owner of the bus, which is the driver’s only income. One bus driver, a woman, had a very small bus for three passengers that was pedal powered, like a bicycle, and the passengers sat on seats with her donation box in the middle of the floor. The box was transparent and you could see lots of money inside, people were giving her large wads of paper cash. I said that she should perhaps paint the box black so you can’t see all the money, or keep the box in front with the driver and only have a money slot in the passenger compartment, which was separated by a plastic wall from the driver, that deposits money into the box up front. Later the bus driver was my new girlfriend and she drove me to my mother’s house in London. She’d never met my mother or seen the house, I was going there to change my clothes to go out drinking the same evening. When we arrived we went around back and my girlfriend had a dog, and there was a dog in my mother’s back yard and I was worried they might bark at each other, and that my mother’s dog was bigger and more vicious. The dogs did not bark at each other. I said to my girlfriend I wanted to show her something, and pointed to a 4 metre tall metal sculpture I’d made of dragon. My mother or brother said in a mocking voice, “look at my dragon”. We turned away and my old tai chi instructor (Stu) was there. I introduced him to my girlfriend. He said, “aren’t you worried about dating someone who’s, like, fifty?” and she replied, “not really, I’m 38.” Then I looked at Stu and we both said together, “Oo, 38!” I didn’t know this till that moment, and it was the first time I noticed her North East English accent. I asked her if Stu could come out with us later for a drink, saying he only lives across the street so we can get him on our way out. She agreed it was a good idea. The dream fades after that, just being inside the house getting ready to go out.
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