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Lime Green Menacing Stunt Plane

Published by sweet slumber in the Dream Diary sweet slumber's Dream Diary. Views: 1312

It’s nighttime and there are many people milling about but why is unclear. We see what looks like a jet painted lime green and piloted by someone appearing to do stunts. But I sense something more menacing like a planned attack. I watch as the plane spins and flies upside down. I’m attempting to get my iphone out to take a video. I take video and then have to process it through this weird procedure where a man shows up and I put the phone, which now resembles a cassette tape, into the top of his head that has a slot and knobs on each side. As he’s processing the video. I go into a room that houses the man and there are several small bags of M&M’s in it and I take a few. I walk out and hand out a couple to a group of people sitting at a table and tell them not to tell the video processor about it because they’re his.

Then I got back to see the video processor and the cassette is still in his head. Then the plane comes back and appears longer and it flies really low and it seems like it’s coming in for an attack when it spirals out of control and crashes.

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