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Jimmy Dore and the Pink Door

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I was in a big building. It was like a school/office building with young students milling about. There were multiple rooms with shelves lined with books and had long cafeteria-type tables. I"m in one of the rooms sitting at a table when Jimmy Dore comes in and he’s all pissed off at me about talking publicly about how he’s a teacher of kids with special needs and they go to a room, a room that is the only one with a pink door. He accuses me of selling out (or something like that). I point out that it’s a form of segregation and that their room shouldn’t be highlighted in such a way but have the same color door as all the others and that they should feel included.

Later, I’m in the same room and Jimmy comes back and apologizes and says I was right and that he was going to have the door painted like all the others and invited other kids into the room.


For those reading and don't know who Jimmy Dore is, he is an American political commentator and comedian.
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