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Harassed in Hong Kong

Published by Maljonic in the Dream Diary Maljonic's Dream Diary. Views: 2983

I had a dream I was in Hong Kong, visiting a scientist. I went to his lab and we discussed technology for a while then he went for a break. During this time I went for a walk outside across some grass to an apartment block. As I was walking along a path by the apartments a guy came out and asked me where I was going and I replied "nowhere", meaning none of his business.

After this I started walking back across the grass towards the lab and the guy from the apartment was joined by his girlfriend. The guy said, "Ha, look at him walking across the grass," and his girlfriend said, "he so stupid, grass still wet, why he so stupid," and I was thinking that they were stupid because the grass was dry.
Next some holes started randomly appearing in the grass and cartoon monsters popped out and I kung fu kicked them to make them disappear. The monsters popped up more and more in random places and I kicked them all away until they eventually stopped coming. Scientists came rushing from the lab, exclaiming "no one ever completed that many levels before so quickly, it's amazing", then a police helicopter came to investigate but crashed near Hong Kong harbor. I got the plane back home before I could get into trouble for the helicopter crash.
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  • Maljonic
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