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Fighter Jet Crashes at Night

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It’s nighttime and I’m with my mother and sister. We are standing by the roadside in front of the local convenience store and we see an aircraft that resembles a fighter jet. Coming up starboard are two much smaller rocket like craft that attach itself to the sides of the craft.

The craft is surrounded by blinking lights that remind me of Christmas lights but the mood is not festive but very foreboding. What this craft is doing and its purpose is unknown but I get the feeling it’s on the attack.

It weaves and descends and ascends continuously and ultimately crashes and we scream and start running toward our street. A plume of smoke and fire rise from the crash site in a populated area.


Dream 2:

I’m at some sort of school in which there are people who take charge of cafeterias and we must pay a surcharge before entering. And any extra desserts we get if it didn’t come with the prepaid meal could get you into big trouble with the boss. It’s like mafia mentality.

I mindlessly put an extra treat on my plate and a woman reminds me that I had better not let him see that or I’m in trouble.

Later I’m at a machine that resembles a gas pump but you pick out items for purchase, much like shopping but without going into the store. For some reason, I checked off one item but the machine registered it as 65. I’m frantically deleting all the extras as a man who resembles Donald Trump comes up to collect his pay. I hand him $19.00 and he tells me it’s $25.00. I apologize and explain the change was 19 and that’s what I was looking at when I checked the price and then paid him $25.00 and said I’d be back to do more shopping later.

Then I’m hanging out with these strange characters who are wearing wigs and clownish make-up and goofing around on a phone. We are all laying around on beds and one guy calls another and hands me and the one next to me headphones to hear the conversation. Then he makes a high pitched scream into the mic and we laugh.

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