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Dude, Where's My Car?

Published by sweet slumber in the Dream Diary sweet slumber's Dream Diary. Views: 1480

I was in a health food store with youtube personality David Pakman. He was looking for some cookies called “Wild Oats” that resemble simple soft sugar cookies shaped like hexagons.

Then the scene switches and I’m outside looking for where I parked my car. I find it nowhere and assume it’s been stolen. Then I learn that a couple of the owners of the store sold it. Why? Because I parked in a spot that tells them to sell the car. I was furious and demanded to know why they didn’t look for the owner to verify that I wanted to sell it. They (two middle-aged white men) just shrugged and I demanded that they find it and get it back. I was also upset that important papers I had in the car may have already been discarded because of my car’s new owner.

As I’m waiting to get my car back, I travel about the area and get into a discussion about hair and hair coloring with some guys who have their hair dyed various colors like green and orange. I proceed to pour dye on my hair but then fear it making me bald and/or unrecognizable.

Then I get my car back. It resembles my old Chevy Citation but it appears to have been burned. The tires are jet black with spikes of melted tar around the rums. The hood is mostly charred off revealing the motor and tubs and wires inside. I’m upset and wonder how I’m going to drive it.

I end up back in my old neighbor from when I was a kid in Connecticut. I drive up to our old apartment and sit in the car and peer inside. It looks like my mother and I quickly drive off for fear she’d see what has happened to the car.
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