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Buying Gifts for John Cusack's Wedding

Published by sweet slumber in the Dream Diary sweet slumber's Dream Diary. Views: 729


Actor John Cusack is getting married and I've been invited to the wedding. I'm focused on two things---getting there with someone else behind the wheel (it's in New Jersey and I don't drive long distances) and shopping for a wedding gift.

I'm at a boutique and I bring up a box of different perfumed round soaps and brag to the cashier that I've been invited to John Cusack's wedding. She tells me that I shouldn't go with just that but a few other items as well. I end up with a cat statuette, a decorative lamp, and an expansive vase. I only have a $50.00 bill and hand it to the clerk and she tells me it's $80.00 total.

Now I'm fishing through my purse looking for my credit card as others are waiting behind me in line. When I finally finish paying for the merchandise, I see the shop clerks have wrapped the gifts for me and I'm pleased. I walk out of the shop trying to balance all of the gifts in my arms as I go to meet the car that's taking me to the wedding.

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