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Brutal Authoritarians Take Over

Published by sweet slumber in the Dream Diary sweet slumber's Dream Diary. Views: 1368

I’m living in a world without electricity, This scenario reminds me of the cancelled series “Revolution.” I don’t know for sure what inspired the dream but here it is.

The setting is dark and seems to take place mostly in dark areas of a long building that may have once been a shopping mall or some other place of commerce. I’m more like a casual observer here, not playing a big role in the dream. At one point, I’m witness to the humiliation and torture of a young man who may be gay. He’s punched around and his arm stretched until it breaks. All the while, the young man barely whimpers and is then thrown into a cage. The populace is under the control of a brutal authoritarian force.

At another time,pregnant women are being abducted and experimented on. Their fetuses are used to test drugs, but for what purpose is unclear. There is soft crying and moaning as strange people in lab coats carry test tubes and work at benches.

And I vaguely remember riding in a open car while people are hiding or escaping injustice.

This is all I can remember.
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