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A Walk on a Crowded Collapsing Bridge

Published by sweet slumber in the Dream Diary sweet slumber's Dream Diary. Views: 1465


First, I was sharing an apartment with my old friend Lucy. We had several cats. I kept looking for Muffin (she was an old Maine coon I had growing up). One of the cats had snuck into the apartment across the hall. The other ones were in various locations, both indoors and outside. But where was Muffin? She came in with another cat I had forgotten we even had!

Then, I’m walking, with my sister, on a bridge that’s either undergoing renovations or construction. I sense it may have been the recent location of a bomb, but that’s never expressed by anyone. We are walking amongst hundreds of others and there is no auto traffic.The bridge appears to be made of steel, although it begins collapsing like the sides of those plastic storage crates with the flaps. People start scrambling toward the foot of the bridge as do I and my sister following right behind.

The bridge continues to collapse on the sides, but the walkway/roadway remains in tact. We calmly continue on and I meet up with an older woman and she notices I’m wearing mittens. The mittens are knit with embroidered designs and the name Jesus (as in the Christian savior) on them. The woman asks me “Is that sincere or just pork?” I translate that to ‘do I really believe in Jesus or am I just wearing them to wear them?’ I tell her “They’re just pork.”

Then I look behind to see where my sister is and she’s gone. I tell the woman my sister was right behind me and now we’ve separated. She tells me she can’t find her husband. But we continue on in hopes to meet up with them at the foot of the bridge.

We arrive at the foot and I see up on the snow covered arch of the bridge what looks like a roller coaster car coming down. People are yelling but having a fun and scary time. My sister is among them. I go up to meet her and she says, “Imagine what it feels like going down on that thing so quickly that your stomach is up here” and she puts her hand level with her neck.

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