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Trying to interpret a dream

Discussion in 'Your Dream Interpretation' started by rockangel, Dec 1, 2015.

Trying to interpret a dream


    rockangel New Member

    Dec 1, 2015
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    I've always been quite closed off to dreams meaning much of anything or being representative of something significant, but I had a dream last week that was so strong and vivid that it's stayed with me since. I found myself searching around online to see if I could find some explanations and was hoping someone could help out.

    The dream is pretty short in length and not much happens, but it was a very profound feeling. In the dream I am standing on one side of a very wide river. It's a bright sunny day with clear blue skies. On the other side of the river is a sheer sandstone rock face. Carved into the rockface is a giant female angel with her wings closed behind her. Then suddenly the "rock" angels wings open up and she rips herself from the rockface and soars up into the sky until I can't see her. That was all I remember, but even a week later I can replay it in my head in high definition it was so vivid. Even things like the sound of her wings and the wind pressure I felt from her wings as she flew off was so real it was unsettling. She wasn't threatening in any way, I certainly wasn't afraid of her in the dream, just kind of in awe of her. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

    Marcia Dream Fairy

    Feb 19, 2004
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    I think this dream has to do with being more in touch with your emotional, creative, intuitive side. A sheer rockface is strong and unyielding (the straight lines have traditional "masculine") symbolism. The female angel, who represents tradiionally feminine traits, like intuition, etc. breaks up the lines of the rockface and is eventually able to break free.

    Maybe the dream is telling you that you should try solving a problem in your life by letting your intuition guide you.

    ElizVanZee Member

    Jun 21, 2006
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    The scene indicates a situation which is, in your mind, being seen realistically and with God's blessing. (outside on a clear sunny day) The river represents a spiritual and also an emotional course of action. As the river is very wide it strongly suggests a course of spiritual thinking that has much support from Satan. On the other side - which is always God's side - you are seeing some eternal truth (rock face), something very sure and certain. {Note that if the rock face is right at the edge of the river, it becomes an obstacle - like a long wall - to be surmounted to actually land on the other side.}

    The angel can simply represent the idea of an angel(s) which would thus appear as a very sure idea. The angel can also refer to the idea of a very good, kind, angelic type of person. The scene here suggests that the idea of angels or a very good person is a living idea, one that has been given wings and can fly, meaning it is a kind of idea that is successful/workable and would be supported by God - the kind of idea that can go up to heaven.

    The problem here is that the angel is seen as gigantic, implying an idea appearing as sure and certain has been greatly exaggerated. Also, what is carved in stone/rock does not come to life, indicating an idea is being seen very imaginatively. Note the emphasis on the wings and their sound effect and the association with birds. The reality of your scene while awesome is "unsettling" to the True Self.

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