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Pimping Web Sites, advertizing and pamphlet style posting

Discussion in 'Lucid Dreams and Dream Consciousness' started by Maljonic, Jun 16, 2005.

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Pimping Web Sites, advertizing and pamphlet style posting


    Maljonic Dream 老师

    May 8, 2003
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    1. Website pimping is where a new member or guest posts a link to their site with the sole purpose of redirecting members of a message board to their site; this activity is considered bad form and simply rude on most message boards, including this one, and all such posts have and will be deleted.

    2. There are no objections whatsoever to existing members who contribute to the message boards posting links to their own web sites in their signatures, adding their web site as their homepage, or simply asking for criticism for their site whether it is brand new or established.

    3. Posting a message as your first post that simply says this is my site please go there; or posting some non sequential drivel about sports and games with a link to an insurance or betting site does not fall within the realms of category ‘2’, and is therefore considered spam and will be deleted.

    4. The above also applies to pamphlet style posting and advertizing: eg. Hi, I'm mister successful at bla bla, please email me to become like me; or a whole post about your belief in the virtues of transcendental meditation/reiki healing/hari krishna et cetera, where your only purpose is to self-advertise and you have no intention of contributing anything to Meaning of Dreams and its members, other than your mundane one post drivel.
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