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Just Plain Coffee


    FutureLifeAnxeity New Member

    Jul 17, 2012
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    After several years believing I was in love with coffee, I've come to realize my affairs with addiction had since then been created. I started my relationship with coffee when I was seven years old and had grown thinking I truly liked it, but it was just plain coffee. Ending my early childhood on terms of an addiction, what did I grow to love? Have I infused my joyful memories with coffee? Or has it all been mind tricks...

    Love is a feeling I've yet to understand, to me it 's all in the mind. Can we say we love drugs because our heart is content in the presence of an altering substance? No. After being asleep for five years and just waking up from a seemingly never ending dream, drugs aren't a factor anymore and I'm not at liberty to abuse them further.

    Five years ago, I believed I was madly in love with a girl. It's still hard for me to come to terms with reality, it being, she doesn't want me anymore. I've never felt such strong emotions from another person like that before, not even by the people that raised me. Love never felt there, I've felt so empty until I met that girl.

    I've fallen in love with the past, where my sorrows were surpressed, even if it lasted one moment.

    Why do I love you, If I can't understand you. Misunderstood reasons to love, but you're
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    Marcia Dream Fairy

    Feb 19, 2004
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    Some people have addictive personalities. It has to do with a problem with their brains' reward systems.

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