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Discussion in 'Your Dream Interpretation' started by Aader, Nov 21, 2015.



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    Nov 23, 2010
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    Hey! How is everybody? Been what 2 years since I was last here? Anyways I've been dealing with personal issues. I would like to tell you about a town. One I've never been to but I've dreampt about.

    I have had a recurring series of dreams. It is weird. I'm in a small town of around 12000. There is this brunette whom I'm in a relationship with. This relationship is extremely serious. Marriage serious. There is a feeling I get when I think about her that feels like we're meant to be together. I've never met her IRL. But it does worry me. A bit about the town... it is small, on the northern border is a railroad with a street running along it. There are houses on the other side of the street. If you cross the tracks going into town there is another road parallel to the tracks. Keep going straight and about 3 blocks you'll find an old playground. I say old because it is a rusty and weed choked. Entering the gate near the swings and cutting across the park past the basketball court you come to another road running perpendicular to the first road. Taking a right just past the gate you will pass town hall in about a block and a half. Keep going and you run into an old bus stop. There is a square building on one part of the lot. Then connecting to the building is a wall about 40 feet long. There are benches along it. In the middle the is a graffiti just over a bench. I don't know if this town is real or a figment of my imagination but it feels real.

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    May 8, 2003
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    Hi Aader, welcome back. Strangely, I have been having recurring dreams of places I've never been to before, and with people in them who are special to me like you say. I know the places quite well, but don't know where they are in this world, if they are real. They've been making me think about Cloud Atlas a lot.

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    Jun 21, 2006
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    Scenes of a long past era can be regarded in terms of "history". This scene shows you in a very serious relationship. Do you see such a situation as being "past/ancient history" for you; is it one of a kind that has been forgotten or reduced in importance? Or, would you see yourself "making history", doing something memorable or spectacular if you were to engage in a serious, marriage oriented relationship? Is this the kind of scenario that would "go down in history" where your way of living is concerned? OR, is it possible that this kind of scenario could be "history repeating itself"? [Have you ever been in a serious relationship like this one and could there now be a danger of a relationship following the course of a previous one as in it also becoming past history?]

    The town can suggest a situation you might now or in the past think of "going to town" with - making a most of it and enjoying it. Here you would not appear to be following a course of action that could be "on the right track" (only one train track seen), a path that pertains to your training or upbringing but rather are at cross-purposes with such a path (cross the track). All the description of the town can simply suggest it be seen as representing a place - or rather a time - that seems important to you. The town can also be regarded as a situation to be seen in terms of getting "the lay of the land", i.e. one requiring an assessment or analysis made with regard to a particular situation, to gain further knowledge and insight into it; the general state or condition of affairs under consideration; the facts of a situation

    The playground for children seems to reflect a significant aspect of the issue here. It would represent the grounds of reasoning used by innocence, i.e., by those who while innocent like children are still very lacking in knowledge. The innocent would not take seriously ("play") the idea of "swinging", i.e. engaging in sex with other partners and "scoring" with a woman (basketball). The benches would suggest the idea of sitting on the sidelines as well as reflecting a position that is not an individualist one. I hope this gives you something to think upon.

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