Dreaming LifeDreaming Life

Dreams hardly ever predict the future. Dreams may predict up and coming upset or joy based on past and present events; in the same way we could see something coming in our waking lives.

You may for instance meet a woman or a man who invokes strong feelings of attraction, you may then dream that the two of you become lovers; this may actually come true but your dream has not predicted the future, it has merely extrapolated from current events a desired future outcome that anyone around you could have predicted.

There are other ways, however, that many believe can be used to predict the future in waking life. Using your own innate powers to focus on things to come, there are certain times of year and certain situation which are said to be propitious for certain things to happen or to be undertaken.

We can use our dreams in conjunction with some of these practices to help come up with some needed answers, using the information gained from interpreting our dreams alongside what we know of current events and our day to day lives.

Furthermore, our subconscious is often very good at spotting little details that we miss, then may try to warn us about the details in our dreams. A typical example is a loose fixing on a book shelf that we've failed to notice consciously, but subconsciously we're aware of it so we may dream that our bookshelf falls on our head. Whether you believe it will happen or not, it makes sense to check the bookshelf nevertheless, doesn't it?