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A dream about a wedding can reflect an obvious situation in your waking life. If you consciously hope to be married, your dream may be a way to fulfill your wish. If you are already engaged, your dream may express your hopes and fears about your future. However, in many cases, a wedding dream will have a deeper meaning. A dream about a wedding can provide you with important insight about your own personality.

Marrying a Stranger

A dream that you are marrying a stranger can symbolize the integration of two opposing sides of your personality, such as your rational side and your intuitive side. If you dream that this marriage produces any children, these children may represent the results you can achieve once you incorporate both of these aspects of your personality into your life.

An interpretation by Jung would say that if you are a woman, the man that you marry represents your animus, the masculine aspect of your personality. If you are a man, the woman you marry represents your anima, your feminine side.

I Don't Want to be Married

If you dream of marrying someone you know when you have no plans to get married in waking life, you may be attracted to that person. However, your attraction does not have to be of a romantic nature. You may wish to share ideas with this person or perhaps work on a project with them.

As with marrying a stranger, such a dream can represent the joining of two complementary parts of your personality. Think about the qualities of the person you are marrying in your dream. They may provide you with an idea of which aspects of your personality you need to work on.

Someone Else's Wedding

A wedding between two people you don't know can also represent the union of different sides of your personality.

If you dream that someone you do know is marrying a stranger, you may be worried that your relationship with them is going to end.

Are you part of the wedding party in your dream? Pay attention to your emotions. If you are jealous, you may be feeling lonely in your waking life.


If you are already married and dream that you and your spouse get married again, your waking life marriage may be under some pressure and you may need to do some work to revitalize it. Such a dream can also mean that your feelings for your spouse are as strong as when you first married.

Wedding Symbolism

Some of the things found at the wedding in your dream can have symbolic significance. For example, a white wedding dress - or anything that is white - can symbolize innocence. An altar can represent sacrifice.

Keep in mind that the meaning of these symbols will depend upon your culture. For example, in some cultures, white can be a sign of morning.