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If you dream about a weapon, you may be feeling anger toward someone in your waking life. Such a dream can also be a warning from your unconscious that you need to defend yourself against a waking life threat.

In your dream, do you use a weapon against someone you know? Ask yourself if you are repressing any anger toward this person in waking life.

If you use a weapon to attack a stranger, this stranger may represent a part of yourself that you do not wish to accept. He or she may be what Jung calls your Shadow, the part of your personality that you repress and refuse to acknowledge.

If you dream that someone attacks you with a weapon, you may feel that you have upset the people around you in waking life, or that you have been a victim of bad luck.

A dream that your weapon malfunctions or fails to work can be a sign that you feel incapable of dealing with the challenges in your waking life.

Weapon dream meanings

In dreams, knives can represent painful emotional experiences, while guns can stand for power and aggression.

If you dream that you are carrying a gun, it can be a sign that you are feeling powerful. However, if someone is threatening you with a gun, you may feel that they have power over you.

If you dream that a tool, such as a hammer or a knitting needle, is being used as a weapon, you may feel that someone is using their skills to betray you.

Weapons and Sex

Freud thought that almost every weapon was a phallic symbol, and many dream analysts believe that dreams about weapons have sexual meanings.

According to their interpretations, a knife, which stabs and penetrates, can be a symbol of aggressive male sexuality. A gun also symbolizes male sexual aggression, with the firing of a bullet representing orgasm.

If a man dreams of attacking a woman with a weapon, it can be a sign that he has an ambivalent attitude toward women. A woman who dreams of being attacked may be afraid of men or feel sexually insecure. If a weapon malfunctions or doesn't work, the dreamer may feel anxious about his or her sexual performance.