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Like other forms of travel, walking in a dream can symbolize how you are progressing in life. However, when you are walking, you are using your own physical power, and nothing else, to move forwards. Therefore, walking in a dream can be a sign of how independent you are becoming and how much control you have over your path in life.

Walking with confidence and knowing exactly where you are going can mean that you have a strong sense of purpose in waking life. However, if you are lost in your dream, you may be searching for direction in waking life.

The way in which you are walking can refer to how you are feeling emotionally. If you are able to walk with agility and grace, you are in touch with your emotions and handle them well. However, if you are stiff or are having trouble moving, fears and anxieties may be hindering your emotional development.

Walking barefoot can mean that things have been difficult for you recently, or that you want to be relieved of your responsibilities.

Tripping or stumbling in a dream can be a sign that you have made a mistake.

Shaking dust from your shoes can mean that you are trying to break away from the past. If you dream that dust is collecting on your shoes, clothes or hands as you walk, you could be thinking of the prospect of growing old.

If you dream that you are limping, you could feel that something in your life has become unbalanced. You may feel that you are giving more than you get, whether it is in a relationship or at a job. A limp could also mean that you believe something in waking life is holding you back.

A dream of walking on broken glass can mean that you are suffering emotional pain, but are denying it in waking life.

Walking at night can mean that you are unsatisfied.

According to gypsy lore, walking naked under the stars in a dream is a sign of good luck.

Pay attention to your surroundings as you walk. The landscape through which you walk can provide you with important information about the meaning of your dream.