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When you travel in a dream, the journey you take in your dream can symbolize the path you are taking in life. Pay attention to where you are going, your means of transportation, what you are taking with you, who you are traveling with and how you are feeling.  Your dream journey can tell you something about the progress you are making in waking life.

Where Are You Going?

The direction you are taking can tell you something about how easy or difficult it has been to move toward your goals in life.

If you are traveling along a straight path, you are moving directly toward your goals. If the sun is shining and the view is clear, you are confident that you will achieve what you desire.

However, if you are taking a route that is twisting and turning, you have been encountering difficulties. A rocky path is also a sign that obstacles are slowing you down.

If you are going around in circles, you may feel as though you are getting no closer to reaching your goal in waking life. If you are moving backwards, you may feel that your position in life has gotten worse.

If you dream that your path is foggy or dark, it is a sign that you are losing your focus.

How Are You Getting There?


If you are walking in your dream, the way in which you are moving can represent your attitude in waking life. If you walking with confidence and know exactly where you are going, you have a strong sense of purpose in life. However, if  you are hesitant or you are lost, you are unsure of which path you should be taking.


A dream in which you are traveling bycar can provide you with information about your ability to control your life. If you are a good driver in your dream, you feel that you are in control of your destiny in waking life. However, if you are driving badly, you may be making mistakes in life that are causing you to lose control.

If you are a passenger in a car, you may feel that you lack independence and control. Is the person who is driving someone you know? You may be acknowledging their influence over you.

A car can also represent the way you wish others to see you. Think about why you dreamed of that particular car. Your choice of car can tell you a great deal about your self-image.

Bicycle or Motorcycle

A bicycle or motorcycle can represent a need for balance in life. Freud thought that riding a bicycle symbolized sexual intercourse.


Riding ahorsecan be a sign that you wish that your life were moving at a slower pace. However, if the horse is running or galloping, you may have a competitive streak.

If you fall or are thrown from a horse, you may be having trouble coping with the responsibilities you have in life.

Freud thought that riding a horse was a sexual symbol.

If you are in a horse-drawn carriage, you want to do things the old-fashioned way. However, if the horses pulling the carriage are out of control, you may be feeling that you have lost control in your waking life.

Planes, Trains, Buses and Ships

If you are traveling by airplane, it can be a sign that you are looking for new experiences. Being in an aircraft can also mean that you want to explore your spiritual side.

If you dream that you are on a train or a bus you may need to be more independent. Jung thought that if you dreamed you were taking any form of public transportation, you conformed too much in your waking life.

Freud thought that trains were phallic symbols and that a train entering a tunnel symbolized sexual intercourse.

Bodies of water in dreams often represent your emotions or your unconscious, so traveling by ship can be a sign that you are exploring your emotions or that you are examining unconscious thoughts.

Dreaming that you have missed your train, bus, plane or ship or plane can mean that you have missed an opportunity - "missed the boat."

If you dream that you have taken the wrong train, plane, ship or bus, you may have trouble making decisions in waking life because you are worried about what other people think. Your unconscious mind is telling you to do what you believe is right.

What Are You Carrying?

Luggage in a dream can stand for "emotional baggage," so if you are carrying luggage with you, it can be a sign that you have emotional issues that you need to resolve.

A packed bag in a dream can represent an ending.

Leaving your bag or suitcase on a platform can mean that you are ready to move on to a new stage in your life.