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Technology is an important part of our lives. As computers, the internet and cell phones have become more and more common in our waking lives, they have also become more prevalent in our dreams.

In a dream, a computer can symbolize your rational, unemotional side. It can also represent the information that you store as memories, as well as your latent potential.

According to Jungians, the computer has become an archetype, symbolizing the advance of technology.

A Freudian might treat CD-ROMs and DVDs - and the computer slots they go into - as contemporary sexual symbols.

An email or a text message is a form of instantaneous communication. Dreaming of an email or a text can therefore be a message from your unconscious telling you that something in your waking life requires your urgent attention.

The internet is a symbol of endless possibilities and in a dream can represent a need for more variety in your life.

It is becoming more and more common  for people to experience dreams in which technology is a source of anxiety. You may dream that your cell phone or mobile phone won't work in an emergency, that your computer screen has suddenly gone blank or that your hard drive has crashed. Such a dream can be a reminder to take practical, precautionary steps, such as making sure you have charged your phone or that you have installed anti-virus software on your computer. It can also signify a lack of control or mean that a part of you is not functioning properly.