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In the modern world life can be a very competitive place, this could be one of the reasons people tend to have lots of dreams regarding strength and weakness. Strength and weakness can be symbolized in dreams in various ways; the strength of a lion; a fighter; strong chains or a potent electrical storm - the frailty of a tiny animal; an aged or disabled person; a fragile spider’s web and so on. The symbols in your dreams may represent your own strengths and weaknesses, literally or metaphorically; what you think of as being strong or weak in your waking life may not be the same things your subconscious uses to interpret these things in your dreams.

Dream Strength and Weakness on a Cosmic Level

Most people begin to ponder the size of the universe at an early age, perhaps with terror or wonder – more often a mixture of both, how can something be so big and infinite? Surely there must be an end to it and, if there is, what is on the other side? Once you begin to think about the universe, realize how tiny and insignificant you are as a human compared to the vastness of space, galaxies and everything, you can be left feeling absurdly weak. Dreams of strength and weakness on a cosmic level underline the fact of your awesome fragility, as your unconscious, dreaming mind attempts to come to terms with the size, age, power and complexity of the universe.

Though we may not like it, we know where we all begin and end as people, at least on this world we do – we know that people are born every day and that people die every day; but we are also told that the universe is infinite, without end, which is very hard to get to grips with for a life form that appears to be anything but infinite, with an all too real end. Furthermore, we also know that after we die the universe will still be there, carrying on regardless of our brief, fleeting existence just like it always has and always will be – wiping out all traces of our little lives. Our dreams can help overcome these feelings, show us that there is more going on here than our simple lives – make a bridge across the gap between our finite existence and the infinite cosmos.

Dream Security

It is thought that dreaming about strength may be your way of looking into how secure you are feeling in waking life, a way of investigating parts of your life that you don’t feel confident about and addressing the problem. You may have dreams of insecurity on a regular basis if you live in an insecure or dangerous environment, if your area suffers from a high crime rate for instance – your dreams may always have an underlying theme of danger and the likelihood that you could be threatened without warning. Your dreams may be trying to show you how to be more assertive to overcome your area’s pressures, or be on your guard when entering the more dangerous parts of town; they may suggest that you become physically stronger, or find a safe place where you can go and relax. In extreme cases your dreams may be telling you to move to another area, especially if your circumstances have changed so that your personal safety is of a higher priority than it was in the past.

Insecurities aren’t necessarily concerned with physical threats though, it may be that you are feeling vulnerable because of a relationship issue; you should try to see why it is that a certain relationship makes you feel insecure. Your dreams of insecurity could also be sign that you are searching for spiritual guidance, a way to make sense of the enormity of the universe and your place in it.

Dreaming of Strength

Your feelings of weakness and vulnerability may be focused upon in dreams of strength, it makes sense that your subconscious will try to make you feel stronger in certain areas that, in waking life, you are feeling that you lack power and confidence – to make you more powerful so that you may fight off a perceived threat, or to overcome a problem in your dreams in a way that is not possible in waking life. The dream is drawing attention to the fact that you are feeling weak, frail or naked and that you need to do something about it. It is up to you to discover where this threat is growing from in your waking life. It could be that you are trying to come to terms with life on a cosmic level; it could just as easily be that you are trying to deal with things that are far more down to earth, like work or your love life, threatening to overwhelm you. If you are feeling threatened by strength in your dreams it is more than likely that there is something in your waking life that is making you feel threatened or vulnerable.

Personal Weaknesses and Dreams

When one thinks of strength it is usually physical power that springs to mind, but one’s personal strengths and weaknesses are more often the things that prey on your mind the most – you draw on your personal strengths to define who you are; some may define their personal strength by actually being physically strong, lifting weights at the gym. In general though, strengths are often defined as the things you do best, and weaknesses are defined as the thing you are not so good at. Having a weakness for something means that you are drawn to the thing, usually something that you think we shouldn’t be drawn to, so much so that the thing is irresistible. In waking life it may seem a small matter to be irresistibly drawn to candy bars at lunch, but this may be a pointer to other areas of your life where you lack control. These things should be considered when interpreting your dreams in terms of strengths and weaknesses, what may seem a trifling matter may actually be a doorway to exploring something deeper within your subconscious. The way in which power manifests itself in your dreams could be a reflection of how secure you feel.