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A spider in a dream can represent the ability to create something new and beautiful. It can also symbolize the achievement of success through skill and patience.

If you are afraid of spiders in waking life, a spider in a dream can stand for something else that frightens you. Because spiders are tiny creatures that, nevertheless, terrify many people, seeing a spider in a dream can be a message from your unconscious that you are overreacting to an issue that is not very important.

Seeing a spider in a dream can also be a sign that you feel like an outsider.

Freud thought that a spider symbolized the mother who devours her children by being overprotective or by filling them with feelings of guilt.

If you dream that there is a spider in your bed, you may be feeling vulnerable in your relationship with your partner.

If you see a black widow, you could be feeling insecure about, or even trapped in, your relationship. Traditionally, the black widow represents female dominance over men.

Old superstitions say that dreaming of a spider is good luck.

Spider Webs

A spider web in a dream can represent a situation in which you feel trapped or a "web of lies". It can also symbolize connections between you and other people.

Spider webs are also associated with the circle of life.

A spider web in the form of a cocoon can stand for a need to be protected during a time of change.

Dreaming of spider webs in a dusty house can be a sign that you need to look at old memories. If you dream of entering a room that is full of cobwebs, your unconscious may be telling you that you have been too withdrawn and you need to more active and participate more in life.