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We use signs and symbols in our waking lives to denote our beliefs, our allegiances and our status. The meanings of these symbols are reinforced when we see them in our dreams.

Religious symbols can create a strong personal response. The nature of this response will depend on your attitudes toward and experiences with religion and religious institutions. A cross can represent the love of Christ. It can also represent suffering or even persecution in the name of religion. A Star of David can stand for the positive teachings of Judaism. It can also symbolize religious oppression, as the Jews of Nazi Germany were forced to wear Stars of David. The meaning of the crescent moon and star will depend upon how the dreamer feels about Islam. If you have had a religious education, religious symbols can bring back memories of your childhood.

National flags symbolize the cultures and values of the countries to which they belong. They can bring out feelings of inclusion or exclusion, pride or hatred. Flags can include symbols that inspire strong feelings. The swastika is associated with fascism and the Holocaust.

Objects associated with royalty, such as crowns, scepters and thrones, can represent power, wealth and responsibility. A monarch in a dream can be a wise, protecting authority figure. On the other hand, he may be a cruel, threatening despot who emphasizes your feelings of inferiority.

You may dream of symbols that are, or have been, used for communication - the alphabet, musical notes or even hieroglyphics. These can represent the way you are receiving information. Is the information clear to you, or is it obscure? You may also associate such symbols with a particular culture and its values.