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Regular shapes are connected with numbers – the number of sides a shape has, points on a star, flowers on a petal.

Shapes may appear in dreams as a metaphor for more abstract concepts. A circle may suggest harmony and femininity while a square order and masculinity. A triangular shape for some may represent the Holy Trinity or even a love triangle. A pyramid may indicate the dreamer’s high hopes.

Curves and Spirals

Wavy lines suggest freedom and unpredictability. Straight lines may suggest clarity of thought, but twists and loops may represent confusion. Spirals may indicate spiraling out of control or out of confinement. Points and angles if viewed from the inside may indicate dead ends or show a concentration of energy.

Open and Closed Forms

A box without a lid or a room with an open door shows nothing to hide and permits the dreamer to move from confinement and on to new experiences.

Fat Or Thin

Fatness or thinness in people provokes responses influenced by stereotypes. In a dream these stereotypes may be used in a literal way. Or a person’s size may be associated with resources, a fat person may symbolize plenty and a thin person a lack. Fatness may symbolize comfort, or alternatively lethargy.


A tall person or building may represent authority, a short person may represent nimbleness.


The texture of dream objects may give rise to an emotional response. Smooth, soft or fuzzy may be a comforting reminder of childhood. Rough surfaces may be uncomfortable. Reflective surfaces may be deceptive.