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Sexuality and nakedness in dreams

As sexual symbols are often present in dreams, it is not impossible that almost all the symbols we encounter could be telling us something about our sex-life. Therefore, it is very important for us to take a look at our attitude to sex and to recognize the need for sexual fulfillment. At the same time, we should also be careful of making too big a deal of the sexual theme in our dreams.

Dreaming of being naked is often mistakenly connected with sex, in a few cases it may be true, but more often the meaning of these dreams are more to do with the dreamer’s reaction to being naked. If people who are regarding your nakedness with shock or repulsion surround you, it could mean that you need to relax more with your partner, or to try to be less self-critical.

There’s also the possibility that your subconscious is using a more blatant dream pun, wanting you to face the ‘naked’ truth about a situation. If you are flaunting your nakedness, taking your clothes off in front of people, you may have a desire to shock people. The dream could also be a reaction to what you feel is a restrictive waking life; perhaps you are bored with the routine conventions of home or office. Keeping a dream diary will reveal certain patterns in your dreams and help you discover further meanings.

sex in dreams and its meaning

Sexual dreams are common in everyone, and if the dream is enjoyable there is no cause for concern. When the sexual content is overly aggressive or distasteful however, the dream may be revealing something about our sexuality that we should note with care. Dreams with disguised sexual content also need careful analysis.

Puns occur frequently in dreams. They can often be very amusing and often result in us waking up laughing. Sara dreamed that she was working in the yard at the side of the house. Suddenly a pipe came away from the roof and drenched her with a gush of water, not at all bothered by being soaked Sara says to herself, ‘Now that’s what I call a wet dream.’ And is sufficiently amused by the little joke that she wakes up giggling. Water gushing from a faucet or tap is often regarded as a symbol of ejaculation, the sexual act. Sara’s wetting may have been more than just the obvious pun that it seemed to be; it could be a signal for something important about her sexuality. The pipe ‘came away’ from its normal position, perhaps indicating something wrong with her sex-life. She may have felt that her desires to be more sexually assertive or ‘masculine’ were out of place.