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When we dream about science, we are trying to make sense of the world around us. We are trying to impose some order in on a universe that appears to be chaotic. Science makes us feel that we have some level of control.

In modern society, science holds a position of authority. In our dreams, science may be a way for us to avoid being responsible for understanding our emotions or the irrational behavior of those around us. For some people, science can symbolize restriction and repressed creativity.

Numbers enable us to order our world, giving us a sense of control in our dreams. Making calculations in your dream signifies making a decision based on logic rather than intuition.

Different cultures may assign specific meanings to different numbers. We internalize these meanings, and they may appear in our dreams. For example, we may associate the number 1 with independence or the number 2 with a partnership. For a devout Christian, the number 3 may represent the Holy Trinity. Even if you are not superstitious, the number 13 in your dream may be associated with bad luck, simply because in our waking lives, we often see reminders of that association. In some buildings, there is no 13th floor. Some streets have no house with the number 13.

Numbers in dreams may have meanings that are specific to the dreamer. For example, a musician might see the number 3 as the foundation chord of the scale. Someone who recently married and is thinking about starting family may think that the number 3 represents mother, father and child.