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To the human psyche, a river is a source of life. The ancient Egyptians depended on the flooding of the Nile to ensure their survival. Our circulatory and lymphatic systems resemble river systems coursing through our bodies, bringing lifesaving nourishment to our cells. Since before the dawn of history, rivers have allowed people to travel and to transport goods from place to place, enabling the creation of new relationships, new cultures and new technology.

In a dream, a river can symbolize the life force residing within dreamer – the energy that allows the dreamer to interact successfully with the external world and to find internal comfort and satisfaction. It can be likened to prana or chi.

RiverIf you dream about a river, the condition of the river can provide you with important information about your situation in life. A clear, wide, smoothly flowing river is a sign that you are feeling content and confident that you will succeed in your goal without encountering much conflict on the way.  A river that is stagnant and polluted can be a sign that negative influences are preventing you from achieving success. A rapidly-flowing river that is cloudy and turbulent can mean that you are being overwhelmed with conflicting demands.

Water in a dream often symbolizes the emotions, so the river’s condition can reflect how you are feeling. Calm waters can represent inner calmness, while turbulent waters can symbolize anger or anxiety.

Travel along a river in a dream can symbolize your life’s journey or our journey toward a particular goal. Your mode of transportation can represent the resources you have to achieve what you desire.  Are you struggling to paddle through rushing waters in a canoe, or are you relaxing in comfort as a motorboat speeds you forward? A dream of travel on a luxurious riverboat can represent a desire for success on the future.

Swimming in a river can mean that you need to be more in touch with your emotions or that you need to accept memories or thoughts that you have been denying.  It may also mean that you are seeking a life of greater simplicity than the one you have now. Perhaps you need to take a break from your waking life responsibilities.

If you find yourself swimming against the current, you could be using the wrong methods to try to achieve a goal.  On the other hand, allowing yourself to be carried along by the current can be a sign that you need to be more assertive and stop allowing others to make decisions for you.