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Religion gives us a formal structure with which we can express our beliefs and our spirituality. Dreams about prayers, houses of worship and religious symbols can help us to examine moral and spiritual topics.

Dreams about spiritual or religious experiences encourage us to consider basic questions about the universe and our existence. When we dream about religion, we gain insight into our beliefs and our values. Dreams of religion and spirituality give us the freedom to forget about the material aspects of waking.

Religious and spiritual dreams give you the opportunity to examine your moral beliefs. Does your behavior in waking life truly conform to your definition of morality? If you dream about a congregation or other religious grouping, you may be concerned with how others judge your behavior.

A spiritual leader in a dream may symbolize an authority figure. Such a person may represent a wise, helpful leader who can guide you through times of distress. They may take on a parental role. Alternatively, they may stand for a distant figure who holds immense power and possibly great wealth.

Praying in a dream can be a way of absolving yourself of guilt. It can also be seen as a means of negotiating with the divine. What have you promised to sacrifice in order to get what you want? Prayer may be a way for you develop a more powerful connection with your own spiritual nature.

A house of worship in a dream, such as a church, mosque, synagogue or temple, can symbolize a particular religion. It can also stand for a place where you can become closer to God or become more aware of your own spirituality. The size of the house of worship can be a sign of how you feel about God. Is it huge and awe-inspiring, making you feel humble and insignificant? Is it small and intimate?

Your own religious beliefs will influence what you dream about. However, you may use your dreams to examine other belief systems and compare them with your own. Your dreams can give you a different perspective, strengthening your existing beliefs or testing them.