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In our lives, we encounter many forms of power and authority. We witness military, political, physical and financial power. We accept authority based on age, knowledge and experience. Parents have control over their children, bosses over their employees. Collective power can be held by large industries, political organizations, interest group and crowds. For some people, the ultimate source of power is the divine.

Power is a common theme in dreams because it is very important to us in our waking lives. You may want more power for yourself. You may feel that you do not have the power that you deserve. You may be feeling the effects of other people's power. You may respect the authority of others. Someone else's power may provide you with a sense of security. On the other hand, it may cause you to feel anger, fear, frustration or resentment.

When you dream about power or authority, you are likely to have a strong emotional reaction. You may feel motivated by or dominated by someone else, or you may be the source of power yourself. If you are suddenly given a position of authority, for example, through a job promotion, you may not be sure how to handle it. Your worries may manifest themselves in your dreams. If you have bullied someone, your dreams may reflect feelings of guilt. If you dream about a god or a monarch, you may feel that someone is dominating you in waking life. Dreams about the awesome power of nature - earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, forest fires, floods or avalanches-can represent your potential power and the possible effects of expressing it.

You may find yourself drawn to a person, thing, event or situation in a dream, although you cannot understand why they hold such sway over you. By taking the time to try to analyze and understand such a dream, you can learn how other people influence you or manipulate you in waking life and take appropriate action.

By paying attention to the way power reveals itself in your dreams and how you react to it, you can learn how to become better at dealing with power in waking life.