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In dreams, planes can represent a desire for new experiences and excitement. Freud thought airplanes were phallic symbols, and therefore, they symbolized new sexual experiences.

Air is associated with spirituality, so a dream about a plane or a plane ride can signify a desire to explore your spiritual side.

At the Airport

An airport can represent a time of transition in your life, when you move from one phase to another. If you are at an airport searching for someone you know but cannot find them, you may be reluctant to leave behind some aspects of your old life.

An airport can also symbolize high ideals and a desire to rise above mundane matters or a wish to get rid of some of your responsibilities.

If you are at a deserted airport, you may feel that you have to change or delay some of your plans.

Missed Your Flight?

If you missed your plane in a dream, you may be frustrated about missing an important opportunity in waking life. What was it that made you miss your flight? Understanding the reason why you were unable to catch your plane might help you avoid missing other opportunities in the future.

A dream about missing a flight can also mean that you are worried that you will fail to reach a goal.

Watching the airplane take off without you can mean that you feel others are moving on in life and leaving you behind.

Dreaming that you missed your plane can also be a message that you need to manage your time better.

On the Plane

If you suddenly find yourself on a plane in flight, you may be considering how you are progressing in your life. Is it a comfortable, enjoyable ride, or is turbulence rocking you back and forth?

Did You Get on the Wrong Plane?

If you dream that you got on the wrong plane, you may have problems making decisions in waking life because you are worried about how other people will react to them. Your unconscious may be telling you to do what you think is right, not what others want you to do.


A dream that the airplane you are on is hijacked can reflect real fears based on media stories. It can also represent a fear of rape.

Plane Crash Dreams

If you dream that you are involved in a plane crash, you may be worried that you have unrealistic goals. You may be afraid that you are aiming too high and will be disappointed.

Plane crashing in a dream

Were you the pilot flying the plane, or were you a passenger? If you were the pilot, the dream may be a warning that you have taken a wrong turn in life and need to change your direction before it's too late. If you were a passenger, you may need to take more control over your life.

A malfunction in the plane can also mean that you lack control.

A dream about a plane crash may represent a fear of impotence or a fear of rape.

As with hijackings, dreams about plane crashes can be caused by news stories of waking life plane crashes. You may also dream about an airplane crash if you are anxious about taking a plane ride in waking life, or if you have a fear of flying.

If you were involved in a plane crash in waking life, it will be natural to relive this event in your dreams. If you are disturbed by recurring nightmares, you should seek professional help.

I Dreamt of a Plane Crash. Will My Dream Come True?

It is doubtful that if you dream about a plane crash, you or someone you know will be involved in a plane crash in waking life. However, if you feel uncomfortable about going on a plane, it might not hurt to follow your instincts and avoid a plane ride until you feel more confident

Stories about people predicting plane crashes through dreams can be examples of confirmation bias, in which people remember or pay attention to the parts of a prediction that came true but forget about or ignore the parts that never happened. For example, the airplane crash in the dream may have taken place at a completely different time or in a completely different place than the waking life crash. So many plane crashes are reported on the news that it is very likely that after someone dreams about a plane crash, there will be reports of a plane crash in waking life.