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The ocean is the source of life on Earth, and odd, mysterious creatures still live in its depths. In a dream, the ocean can represent the basic, primitive emotions that lurk inside the unconscious.

Ocean dreams are often about strong emotions, like love, contentment, fear and anger - emotions that we experience fully even when we are very young and haven't yet done much logical or rational thinking. In a dream about an ocean, these feelings come to the fore.

The condition of the ocean in your dream is a sign of how you truly feel.  A calm ocean is a sign of inner calmness, while a stormy turbulent ocean means that something in your life is troubling you.  Regardless of how calm the ocean may seem, ocean waves are always moving, just as our lives are always changing, although some changes are easier to handle than others are.

OceanWhen you wade in the ocean, you leave the stability of the shore and find yourself amid the ever changing waves, so wading in a dream can mean that you feel confident that you can handle an uncertain situation. However, you are still cautious.

A dream that you are swimming in the ocean can signify you are ready to involve yourself fully in a new endeavor.  This can also be a sign that you are getting in touch with your emotions. However, you may be making yourself vulnerable.

If you dive into the ocean, your dream could be saying that you are ready to "dive into" a new project.  You are full of confidence and ready to take on whatever life brings you.

Are you taking a voyage in a ship across the ocean in your dream?  Traveling in a dream is usually a symbol of your journey toward a goal or your journey in life, so this dream is about the emotions you experience as your circumstances change.  Don't be surprised to see exciting, possibly even terrifying, things during your dream journey.  Experiencing new things and moving on to new stages in life can be frightening, but also exhilarating.

Is the ship sinking? This is a sign that you are worried that your plans will fail.  The important thing about such a dream is how you react. Do you run around in a panic, worried that you are going to drown, or do you take charge, guiding the other passengers to lifeboats and making sure everyone is calm and safe? This is a sign of how you might react to the difficult situations that occur in your passage through life. If you panic in your dream, it is a sign that you tend to allow your emotions to take control when things get tough. Try to stay calm and allow reason as well as intuition to guide you during difficult times.