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The most common underlying theme or feeling in all my dreams is that I am not from this planet; a lot of people who know me in real life would agree that it is a distinct possibility. There is a space ship that brought me here, see the ship on the front page for details, from where I do not know. Having said this, I hardly ever have any dreams that are not set in this world; a few on the Moon and within the Solar system, but mostly here on Earth. Our daily surrounding are one of the biggest influences when setting the stage for our dreams; I have lived and traveled in different parts of the world, but I grew up, and live today, in York (England). York is a very old town with many historical buildings which will have obviously influenced my subconscious as I've grown; but it's not always the images that you can find on any web site about York that constantly reoccur in my dreams, it's more the little corners and streams where I used to play as a child. The pictures you don't see in the York tourist guides.a

my house

I can fly in nearly all my dreams and when I can't I can usually control gravity to slow my decent if I jump off tall buildings, high banisters, cliffs etc. A common theme is chasing or being chased down a stairwell where I can simply jump down the hole in the middle and slow my falling for the last few feet. My flat is the windows at the top of the picture above the bay window; I often jump out of them in lucid dreams, I'm very careful to make sure I'm definitely dreaming before I leap. It's a long way down.

river ouse in york

'Soul Speak' is a language that started appearing in my dreams a while ago; so far I am the only one that knows how to use it. Every single soul in the world has a subtly different language that when spoken connects directly to the centre of a person's being. I can tell by being near someone exactly how to pronounce their personal language; it usually shocks them because it sounds like their inner voice coming out of my mouth. To anyone else, me speaking someone's soul language just sounds like me making a bunch of gibberish sounds. Water represents the soul or inner self; the photo shows the larger of York's two rivers, a main feature in most of the lives that reside here.

river ouse in york

Confluence of Ouse and Foss with York's first main bridge, Skeldergate, in the distance.

river ouse and river foss join

Blue Bridge allows pedestrians to cross the end of the River Foss on their way into town.

red boat

Red Boat ferries site seers up and down the River Ouse. Languages of all kinds are a big feature of a lot of my dreams. I seem to be able to speak any language as soon as I come across it. I can speak a few languages in real life but sometimes I have a whole dream where all the writing and all the dialogue is in a language I can't normally speak; like Tagolog (Filipino) or Russian, of which I do know a few words but that is all.

When I was a kid I used to have dreams in German; where everyone in my town (York, England) spoke German and all the street signs were in German. York is swamped by tourists all year round; the town centre is a babble of many languages, I wouldn't like it any other way.

foss basin

The sleepy Foss Basin has its waters gently stirred by the weir from the loch in the background, a favourite spot for anglers after pike and perch.


The roundabout with the cenotaph on it marks the edge of the town centre from the Fulford side. Behind is the old debtors' prison where they used to keep all the penniless folk, who were sometimes hanged.

my childhood house

The house I grew up in on Heslington Lane, looking a bit worse for wear and minus a few trees and flowers.

heslington lane

Heslington Lane, Fulford, York, the street I grew up on; school just a short walk up the path.

mansion house

The largest house on Heslington Lane; many hours were spent sneaking about in the huge gardens.

central hall at york university

York University lake, its Central Hall looks a lot like a UFO; a very strong image in my mind that's uncannily like the mothership in my dreams.

germany lane

The fields behind my childhood home at dusk.


Ducks! They are everywhere around York, there are dozens of lakes and ponds and the two rivers.

pooh bridge

The two sides of Pooh bridge in Fulford; so called because we used to play Pooh Sticks off it when we were kids. One of the Pooh stories has Eeyor falling off a bridge and floating away downstream helpless; I always pictured this bridge when I read it. It also became a hang-out for us as young teenagers, the place we went to drink alcohol in secret. I think it still has a mystical quality that could inspire any writer.

pooh bridge 2

I had no idea just how much water has played a part in my surroundings till I went out and took these pictures; with water representing the soul and my star sign being Aquarius, it's no wonder I dream so much. If possible, go back to the place you grew up and take some pictures; visit all the places you used to hang out as a kid and see how they make you feel. Dream interpretation has a lot to do with what's going on out here as well as what's happening inside.