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As in waking life, music in dreams allows us to express feelings that we cannot put into words. A beautiful, harmonious melody can show that you are feeling content and peaceful, while music that is harsh and discordant can signal that you feel in conflict with your environment.

Hearing music in dreams can be a sign that you are becoming more connected to your creative, expressive side or that you have been neglecting your creative potential and need to develop it more.

How Do You Respond to the Music You Hear in Your Dream?

If you listen passively without doing anything, you may be behaving passively toward a situation in your waking life.

However, responding by singing along, humming, or tapping your fingers or your feet can be a sign that you are becoming, or wish to become more involved.

Making Music

If you dream that you are playing an instrument, the type of instrument can be important. Playing a trumpet can be a sign that you are feeling triumphant. A piano, which has black and white keys, can signify a need to see things in black and white. Clashing cymbals can represent a clash of ideas.

Freud would consider some musical instruments to be sexual symbols. A Freudian interpretation would say that a flute is a phallic symbol while a guitar or a violin represents the female body.


If you dream that you are singing, you are revealing feelings of happiness and exuberance. A dream of singing alone can be a sign that you need to be more independent, while a dream of singing as part of a group may indicate that you need more social interaction.

Singing is an important part of many religious traditions. Therefore, singing in a dream can tell you something about your religion and your spirituality.