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Money is most often an indicator of opportunity, reward or power. It may be associated with relationships, thus receiving money can be linked to the birth of a child.

Finding money in your dreams can suggest a prosperous marriage. Wasting or losing money in dreams may mean you are wasting your emotion on someone unworthy?

Hoarding money implies anal fixation, according to Freud. Money can also represent general resources. It may also represent riches in more abstract qualities such as time, energy, knowledge, love etc rather than material possessions. Consider your relationship with all these resources and how rich or poor you feel.

These money associations may help you understand your dream’s meaning. If not, try to understand what money means to you on the most personal level to unlock its symbolism within your dream.

Money dreams

What Money Can Buy

Money is given value by what we can have and do with it. We may feel having money brings us the things we want, leisure time and opportunities to do things that aren’t free. Yet once wealthy we may feel burdened by possessions and fear losing them, we may also feel trapped by the need to carry on making money.

A dream about money may simply be wish fulfillment, or showing us how to get it, the frustration of not having it, or the fear of losing it. But money dreams can also have more general symbolism for greed, materialism, opportunity, the loss of something valued, or of being trapped.

Status and Power

Money can give status and power, also money is often seen as a reward. Having or not having money sets us apart and makes us feel more or less worthwhile as people. These issues may well bother us along with our inherent sense of self-worth, so dreams of money may be about the idea of our value, of how much we are appreciated.

Give and Take

Hoarding or counting money in your dream may indicate a fear that it will run out or general insecurity; conversely banking money may indicate security.

Holding on to money can represent holding onto ideas instead of acting upon them. If you are giving money away is it in generosity or because you want rid of it? Spending money freely implies a trust in things going well, that your own needs will always be met.

Owing or being owed money in a dream can be a worry about being burdened by debt. But ask yourself if you are concerned about being indebted to someone in a more general way. Do you feel taken advantage of?


Types of Money

The form of money within a dream has yet more significance. Of course cash is readily available – coins or notes may indicate its representative value.

A check may mean delayed gratification or uncertainty of payment. Foreign money within your dream may mean you are uncertain of the value of something.