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Magic involves power and transformation. Magic gives us the power to do things that the people around us can't. Magic enables us to witness powerful transformations.

If you dream about magic you may want the power to change things that are out of your control. You may need to make a change to your environment, or you may need to change yourself.

Dreaming that you have magical powers, such as the power to become invisible or the power to transform people into animals, can indicate that you have a need for more control in your life. A dream that you are losing magical powers might be a sign that you lack power in waking life. Dreaming that someone is performing magic on you could also be a sign that you feel powerless when you are awake. This is especially true if the magic is performed by someone who has authority over you, or by someone who has evil intentions.

If you dream that someone else has magical powers, possibly a wizard, witch, sorcerer or magician, you should consider the qualities that they have. Are they friendly and helpful or hostile and dangerous? Do they resemble someone you know in waking life? If you are mesmerized by someone in your dream, someone in your waking life may hold too great an influence over you.

Magic in DreamsDreaming that you change something with the aid of magic can be a sign that you feel stuck in a rut. Magic can be a means of allowing you to see things in a different light and start moving forward again.If you dream about a magician who performs sleight-of-hand tricks, you may be examining how others might be deceiving you.

The Magician, also known as the Fool, is an archetype of Jung. The Magician is foolish on the surface but is very wise underneath. Because he is outside the normal order of society, he can say things that nobody else would be brave enough to reveal. Thus he can teach us things that we would otherwise never be able to discover.

Dreams about magic allow us to indulge our fantasies. They give us the power to experience the things we desire. They may also encourage us to understand what we lack in our lives and teach us how to transform our wishes into reality.