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As domesticated animals, horses in dreams can represent the instincts and drives that you have learned to control in waking life.

Freud believed that horses symbolized the sex drive. A mare can represent femininity and receptiveness, while a stallion can stand for power and masculinity.

If you are frightened by a horse, you may be uncomfortable with emotions that you are experiencing. Trying to control a horse can be a sign that you want more control over your passions.

A horse that is tied up can be a sign that you are too inhibited, while a horse that is running freely can mean that you have given yourself the freedom to acknowledge your emotions and your sexuality.

Taking care of a horse can represent taking care of your basic needs, while falling off a horse can be a sign that you are ignoring these needs.

If a horse is dragging you along, you may be letting your emotions get the best of you and being too impulsive.

A horse wearing blinkers can be a message from your unconscious that you should pay more attention to what is going on around you.

If you dream of a winged horse, your unconscious may be telling you that you need to do more with your life than simply fulfill your basic urges.

A dead horse in a dream can be a sign that you have lost your motivation. It can also represent an outmoded way of life.

Because horses carry things, a horse in a dream can represent the enthusiasm and vitality that you need to carry you through your day.

A horse is a form of transport, and a journey dream in which your are riding a horse or a journey by horse and carriage or coach can symbolize your journey through life.

If the horse in your dreams refuses to move, you could be unsure about which path to take.

If you dream about a horse race, you could be thinking about the ways in which you compete with others, or you could be considering your successes in life.

A talking horse can be the voice of your unconscious.

A horse in a dream can represent someone you know who was born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius, a creature that is half-human and half horse.

In ancient Greece, horses were associated with the underworld.

Some people believe that if you dream about a horse, you will receive news from far away.

Because horseshoes are considered good luck, dreaming about a horse being shod is alleged to be very lucky.